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Autumn Grapevine Wreath Facebook Live 9/26/17


Re-cap of a Facebook Live that Carrie and Rachel did on 9/26/17.


24″ Round Grapevine Wreath

G4377 Harvest Owl Wall Hanging (assorted )

F3702326 RAZ Pumpkin Pick (assorted)

52412SP24 Acorn Pick – 2

SB780152-005 Sunflower Bush

RA117518 RAZ 4″ Paper Ribbon

X712409-19 1.5″ Autumn Plaid Ribbon

ZXP-TT03 2.5″ Pumpkin Ribbon

10/29/17 This kit containing all the supplies has sold out, but some of the individual products may still be available. 

(please note that when you purchase the kit, the sunflower bush and pumpkins are assorted and you will receive the item available)

In this post I’m just going to list the describe the products used a bit more. Please refer to the video for the actual assembly.

Grapevine Wreath: They used a 24″ grapevine wreath and as will all grapevine wreaths, none will likely be perfectly round and no two will look exactly alike.

They are messy to work with but really yield a nice look. We have them on Trendy Tree in several sizes and also an oval wreath.



Harvest Owl: The Harvest Owl is assorted (item available will be included in the kit, they are all the same size, just colored up a bit different.)

They measure about 14″ x 12″ and made of twig and polyester.




RAZ Pumpkins: The RAZ Pumpkins are made of Styrofoam and have a bluish/green color and decorated with raffia. They measure about 13″ and also are assorted. A pumpkin will be in each kit and will be whichever style is available.





Acorn Pick: The Acorn Pick is one that we have used previously on some other projects because it makes for an inexpensive filler. It’s about 24″ in length and made up of leaves and acorns that can be separated out in pieces.

All we have left of this pick right now are the ones in the kits. They used two of this on the grapevine wreath.

Sunflower Bush: The sunflower bush is another product that you have seen us use before. We love decorating for fall! The sunflower are very colorful and you can just snip off the flowers and use them individually.




Ribbon: Rachel chose several different ribbons for this project and one was a RAZ Paper ribbon with wired edge. This added in a bit of natural color. It’s called flower ribbon and it’s on sale right now too!

Another ribbon was a 1.5″ brushed fall plaid in chocolate and orange. It’s a checked ribbon and the colors are very pretty. It has a flannel look with its brushed surface. It’s a wired ribbon also.

The third ribbon was a 2.5″ ivory with pumpkin print. It also has just a little touch of glitter

on the pumpkins and is a wired ribbon.

You can see some of the other elements of different products in the closeups.


Happy Fall Y’all!






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