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Fabric Face Mask with Cloth Ties Tutorial from Start to Finish

Fabric Face Mask with Cloth Ties Tutorial from Start to Finish

fabric face mask, cloth ties Fabric face mask with cloth ties, a tutorial from start to finish. All you need to sew a face mask with cloth, especially since elastic is in such short supply.


100% Cotton Fabric 10" x 6" - 2 pieces 1" x 16" - 4 pieces materials for face mask You can choose a fabric that is the same on both sides, or one that has a right and wrong side.

Cut Fabric

Cut two pieces 10" x 6". We followed the guidelines by the CDC for sizing on this mask so the rectangles are a bit larger than what we used on our last videos. Cut four pieces of fabric 1" x 16" A mask with ties may prove to be a better fit as a "universal" face mask to fit different size faces.

Prepare Ties (4)

Pressing the ties for the fabric face mask makes them easier to stitch. Start by folding the tie in half and pressing with an iron. Next, fold down 1/4" from the top and press. Then fold up 1/4" from the bottom and press. Lastly, fold the folded edges again (all raw edges should now be out of sight) and press again. Your tie is now ready for stitching. press ties for face mask Stitch down the side of the tie close to the edge, across the bottom and up the opposite side. Reinforce stitching across the ends by back-stitching a couple of times. If necessary, you can trim ends off close to the stitches. stitch cloth ties for face mask

Face Mask

Now you are ready to stitch the fabric face mask. Place the two 10" x 6" rectangles right side together. Stitch about 1/4" from the edge. Start on the long side, about halfway down. stitch right sides together for fabric face mask Stitch toward the corner and place one of the ties in the corner. sew ties in corners Stitch the face mask to within 1/4" of the edge, turn and stitch down the long side of the mask. Before you get to the corner, insert another tie. Continue stitching around the face mask until you get past the last corner. Leave an opening along the long side of the fabric face mask so that you can turn it right side out. It isn't necessary to reinforce the stitching of the ties right now, because later you are going to stitch around the face mask. That extra stitching will reinforce the ties plenty. Turn the face mask and smooth out. The opening will be closed later when the topstitching is done.


Make two tucks or pleats in the fabric face mask by folding the fabric over about 1/2" or so. Make two tucks and pin edges. They don't have to be perfect but make sure both sides are going in the same direction. I find it easier to make the tuck and pin in the middle, then pin the edges. Stitch 1/4" around the entire face mask, twice. tucks and pleats

Final Top Stitching

Stitch around the fabric face mask close to the outside edge. Stitch completely around the face mask twice. top stitch around fabric face mask twice


You can stitch a casing at the top of the mask and insert a piece of a chenille stem or wire if you want something to bend over the bridge of the nose. You also might try sewing a small dart at the top of the mask for a better fit. There are many ways to make a fabric face mask and several patterns to choose from. To make a fabric face mask with an "inside" and "outside" just sew your fabric with the wrong side on top of the right side. Then when you turn it, you'll have an "inside" and "outside" that is different. make a face mask with right and wrong sides The finished face mask with cloth ties measures about 9" x 5.5" The cloth ties make it a more universal fit. If you are making a mask for yourself or someone, in particular, you can always make adjustments in the size of the fabric. I think this pattern fits pretty well. You can't see the ties in the image below, but it fits pretty snug around my face. fabric face mask with string ties

Things to Remember

A fabric face mask will not protect you from viruses. Only an N95 can do that, but it may help protect others when you cough, sneeze, or speak. Wash the face mask soon as you return home. Keep your hands off your face while wearing a face mask of any kind. Don't allow a fabric face mask to give you a false sense of security. Continue frequent hand washing and physical distancing. Thank you for visiting our blog. We do have other tutorials for a face mask and they are listed below. How to Make a Fabric Face Mask with Elastic, String Ties or Shoestring Ties How to Make a Hand Sewn Face Mask with a Bandana How to Make a Face Mask with Paper Towels
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