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9 Bows from 3 Rolls of Ribbon!

9 Bows from 3 Rolls of Ribbon!

make 9 bows from three rolls of ribbon


A couple of weeks ago we created a couple or ribbon bundles for Julie Oxendine of Julie's Wreath Boutique. These bundles are available on the website. Julie has a creative YouTube channel with many video tutorials showing how to make wreaths, bows and other crafts. 

Here's a link to her YouTube video showing where she used this ribbon bundle, and another Elf bundle to make bows. She used ribbon from other suppliers too.

Julie is a fantastic bow maker and shows you step by step how to make beautiful bows.

Here's a link to that video on YouTube.

I thought it would be fun to take one of the bundles just to see how many different bows I could make from it.

Now, I'm not an expert bowmaker, but I'm happy to share my bows and hope that it will help someone else make beautiful bows.

Julie's Leopard Bundle contains three rolls of ribbon. 

1 - 2.5" Ribbon Red with Gold Edge (10 yards)

1 - 2.5" Leopard Print (10 yards)

1 - 1.5" Gold Sheer Ribbon (10 yards)

Julie's Elf Bundle contains three rolls of ribbon.

1 - 2.5" Elf Print Ribbon (10 yards)

1 - 2.5" Red Green Diamond Print Ribbon (10 yards)

1-  1.5" Red White Horizontal Stripe Ribbon (10 yards)


Julie's Leopard Ribbon Bundle

Chenille Stems

Zip Ties (or floral wire)


EZ Bowmaker

Bowdabra (Amazon link)

Here's a link to the video of my experiment with the Leopard Bundle of ribbon. It made 9 bows! 

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If you're interested in mounting a Bowdabra to a board, here's a link to a blog post we did a while back.

Does Your Bowdara Slip Around? We have a Fix!


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