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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Twas the Night Before Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Twas the Night Before Christmas Wreath Tutorial

twas the night before christmas wreath tutorial


You asked for it! Here's another wreath collab with Nick Sanders, 39 County Home and Trendy Tree!

Twas the Night Before Christmas Wreath

A limited number of kits will be available and some of the individual products are also still available at this time.

Please remember, that even after the kit has sold out, or individual products sold out, you can still follow Nick's basic instructions and choose different products.

Link to Kit: Twas the Night Before Christmas Wreath Kit

Individual Products:

AP7072 Sign 

RE1366F1 White Mesh (sold out) Sub with RE136641

RE130150  Lime Mesh

RE850493 Red Lime White Border Mesh

RGC133220 2.5" Red Green Faux Dupioni Ribbon

75134-40-19 2.5" Circles Ribbon (sold out) Sub with 75134-40-09

75115-09-01 1.5" Seasons Greetings Ribbon

X919909-13 1.5" Red Velvet Ribbon

84744RDWT Red Poinsettia 

24" Work Wreath or Pencil Wreath in choice of Color (red, white, lime, evergreen - most any color would work)


Cut 18 pieces of base mesh (red with green, white border) 20" in length. Should use up the entire roll. 

Roll each end and scrunch up in the middle. Attach to a twist going around outer and inner rings.

Cut 9 pieces of the white mesh and 9 pieces of the lime mesh. Cut pieces 12" in length. Make a "curl" and attach one in each twist, alternating colors. You will have mesh left over.

Ribbon Strips: Cut the 2.5" width ribbon 13" in length and the 1.5" width ribbon in 12"

Choose two ribbons and layer the narrow ribbon on top of the wider ribbon.

Attach a ribbon cluster to the twist. Decide where you want to position your bow and you can leave the ribbon cluster off those twists if you choose. 

Sign: Attach sign with chenille stems. You can staple the chenille stems to the sign (take care that your staple doesn't go thru the sign) or use cable mounts that have been glued to the back of the sign. We'll be getting some of the cable mounts in stock real soon!

christmas wreath tutorial

Bow: Make a bow using the method of your choice. Nick used a Bowdabra and we can give you an Amazon link for this. You can also use an EZ Bowmaker or just do a free hand bow.

Nick added in a couple of extra ribbons to his bow that are not in the kit. But if you don't have extra ribbon to use, you can always just repeat with ribbon that comes in the kit.

Nick attached his bow to the bottom of the wreath and the sign in the center. Play with the positioning of the sign and bow and just go with your preference. 

Here's a link to a blog post we did a while back showing how we mounted a Bowdabra to a board: Does Your Bowdabra Slip Around? Fix it!

christmas wreath tutorial

Poinsettias: Attach the poinsettias using hot glue, trim the stems as needed. If you don't have hot glue, you can also secure the poinsettias with chenille stems, floral wire or zip ties. Secure to the wreath frame.

christmas wreath tutorial


Make a hanger for your wreath using chenille stems, floral wire or a zip tie. Check the back of the wreath and make sure you don't have anything sharp sticking out that would scratch your door.

Thanks to Nick, 39 County Home, for creating this pretty Christmas wreath! We love doing collabs with Nick and he's such a great teacher!

You can follow Nick on his Facebook page and YouTube channel. Here's his links.

Facebook - 39 County Home

Youtube - 39 County Home

And be sure to check out Nick's Etsy shop! He has many wreaths to choose from that are ready to ship!

Thanks again to Nick Sanders for doing this wreath tutorial for us, we appreciate it so much! Drop by Nick's pages and let him know what you thought about his tutorial. Be sure to tell him Trendy Tree sent you! 

Stay tuned, we'll be doing more collabs with 39 County Home real soon!

If you have any questions or comments, just contact us at: Trendy Tree Blog





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