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DIY Basic Autumn Wreath Tutorial



DIY Basic Autumn Wreath Tutorial



3 Colors of Jute Flex Tubing – Chocolate, Orange, Gold

3 Colors of Jute Flex Ribbon – Lime, Chocolate, Plaid

16″ Box Wire Wreath

Note: Initially, these supplies were provided in a kit, but the kits have sold out and no more will be available. The tutorial is left up since you can follow the basic directions and substitute other products.

Lets get started!


Cut pieces of the Jute Flex Ribbon and Jute Flex Tubing into about 20″ lengths. This is another project that is great to work on in the living room with the rest of the family))) I had to start and stop several times, so I just cut enough strips for a couple of clusters at a time. The ribbon is very stretchy so be careful not to stretch it when cutting.


Fold then ends of the ribbon to the center, overlapping enough to be caught securely in the zip tie. The scissors are just laying there so the image could be taken. Flex ribbon is very springy.


Fold the Jute Flex Tubing the same way, making loops. Continue making loops out of the strips, alternating the ribbon and tubing.


Hold the cluster pinched securely in your hand and secure with a zip tie (cable tie). We used tiny 4″ ties in black. They can be purchased at WalMart in bags of 100 for a couple of dollars. They’re available at many places, craft stores, hardware, etc.


The zip ties make a much neater back of the wreath than chenille stems, but the primary reason for using them was that they secure the cluster much, much better than chenille stems.


Snip the end off the zip tie with wire cutters. You can use scissors, but wire cutters are the best and you don’t destroy your good scissors.


We started on the outer layer first (which was the third ring; fourth ring was left open). Slip a zip tie under the third ring and lay the cluster on top of the zip tie. Secure tightly and snip off the end of the zip tie.


Push loops toward the outside. We attached four clusters to Ring 3 and two clusters to Ring 2 leaving the innermost and outermost rings clear.


Once the cluster is attached, just slide it over and continue adding your clusters. You can do ring three and go all the way around, or attach the four clusters to ring three and move up to ring two and add two clusters there. It really doesn’t matter, just whichever is more convenient for you.


This is a view from the back before we snipped our zip ties. Be sure to check the back for any sharp edges when you’re done.


Closeup view of top of wreath.

The finished basic wreath measures about 24″ in width. You can make a hanger for the back of your wreath using a couple of zip ties.

Your basic wreath is finished at this point and ready for embellishment. If at any time one of your strips slips out, you can either just snip it off or re-secure with another zip tie.

Here’s a few suggestions for embellishing your wreath. You might just want to attach a big wreath bow, or try some of the following suggestions.


This cute Scarecrow Head is by Burton & Burton and made of paper and plastic. It measures about 25″ It’s very lightweight and has a jute string that you can attach it by.


These flowers are Leather Look Tweed Poinsettias with rusty bells and pine twig. They measure about 12″ in diameter and we attached three to this wreath very easily by using the clips that come on the poinsettias. Here’s a closer look.



These Burlap Covered Pumpkins are by Burton & Burton and come in three styles. They are made of cardboard, covered in burlap. They are very lightweight and measure about 13″

This is one of my favorite suggestions)) Love the Turkey Legs! They are wired so you can shape them. The Pilgrim Hat is made of felt and we stuffed it with some paper.


This little guy is another Burton & Burton product, the Plush Pilgrim Sitting Turkey. He has a weighted bottom and dangling legs.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please share the link with your friends and give us a like on the video and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won’t miss any of our new tutorials))

Happy Fall Yall’




11 Responses to “DIY Basic Autumn Wreath Tutorial”

  1. Meher Afroz says:

    Instead of jute flex tube can I use deco mesh tube?

    • JeanniePence says:

      The jute or faux jute flex tubing is the same size as the Deco Flex Tubing so it should work. The jute and faux jute just has a different texture and richer color.

  2. Kathy Wootton says:

    You secured the cluster with on zip tie and used another to attach to the ring?

  3. Casey N Kylin Lundvall says:

    Do you have the jute flex ribbon for sale by itself? In these colors as well as other colors? Also will you be getting more jute flex tubing colors in?

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