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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
God Bless America Patriotic Wreath

God Bless America Patriotic Wreath

god bless america, patriotic wreath, ruffle wreath

Repost of 2020 Tutorial:

This God Bless America Patriotic wreath is a great anytime, year-round wreath. I mean.....when are we NOT Patriotic!

The wreath was easy to make since we used the 30" ruffle technique. Watch the video!

Wreath Supply Kit (sold out)

Update - kit is sold out. Check the list below for some suggested substitutes.

Individual Supplies

(Remember, you can make this wreath and just choose different styles of mesh, ribbons or sign)

Wreath Form

24" Red Wreath Form

Depending on your mesh, you could use a red, white or royal blue wreath form.

Deco Mesh

Mesh - you will need two rolls of the same color; or 1 each of two different styles

RY8326H3 Red White Blue Border Mesh 

RE850349 Red White Border Mesh

RY8321D1 Red White Blue Stripe

RY801288 White with Red Blue Stripe

RY832087 Red Blue Fabric Mesh

RE1333HW Navy Red Stripe


MD0497 USA Round Metal Sign

MD0496-1776 1776 Round Metal Sign

AP7038 4th of July Block Sign

AP8877 Home of the Free

AP8903 Patriotic Gnome

AP8866 God Bless America

AP8995 Patriotic Heart



View other Patriotic Ribbon


Patriotic Ribbon

Supply Summary

The items listed are just some suggestions and there are many more styles of mesh and ribbons available. Use simple search terms like "red white blue" or "red blue" etc to find complimentary or contrasting ribbons or mesh. 

To find patriotic products also search "america" "july" "god" "brave" etc.


Tools (optional)

Fiskars Cutting Mat (Amazon)

MD051222 Rotary Cutter

Ribbon Cutting Boards

FastenPro Three Way Staple Gun

Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Holder from Susie’s Wreath Shop

E-Z Bowmaker

Step 1

Cut mesh into 30" lengths for the Patriotic wreath. You will need 18 pieces for the 18 twists on the Pencil Wreath. The 24" Pencil Wreath at Trendy Tree measure 15" across the widest ring.

Note: If you use two different styles of mesh, cut the pieces 15" in length and apply to ruffles to each twist. Or even three styles of mesh - cut the pieces 10" in length and apply three ruffles to each twist.

The addition of mesh, ribbons and other embellishment results in a wreath that measures 24" or greater. It will not take the complete two rolls of mesh, but one roll is not enough.

deco mesh holder, wreath making tool, deco mesh roller

Step 2

Make a ruffle by scrunching up through the middle of the mesh piece. Secure the ruffle in a twist. Just give the twist a couple of turns. Place a ruffle in each twist on the pencil wreath.

Step 3

Cut ribbon strips 13" in length. Finish off the ends of the ribbon with either a dovetail or angled cut.

Place a ribbon cluster made of all three ribbons in each twist. My personal preference is to open the twist, lay the ribbon cluster down and re-close the twist with three or four turns.

Not everyone that makes wreaths does this, so it's just whatever method you choose. Also, you may cut ribbon strips longer if you like at 14". Just experiment and see what you like best.


ribbon cutting tool, measure stick for ribbon

The ribbon strips add to the look of the Patriotic wreath. But if you prefer, you could simply make 3-4 bows with the ribbon, do loops and tails or any combination you like.

After the strips were cut, we still had ribbon left over.

Step 4

Secure the God Bless America red truck sign to Patriotic wreath.


The sign is made of MDF. Staple a folded full-length chenille stem on each side of the sign. Anytime you use a stapler, be sure to check the depth of the sign. You don't want the staple to go all the way through to the front side.


attach chenille stems, staple pipe cleaners

There are other ways of attaching signs also. You can use sticky tabs, eye screws, etc.

The sign has a burlap string that we didn't use and didn't cut off. We just tucked it to the back out of sight. Position the sign in the center of the wreath and reach in from the back.

Find the chenille stems and secure them to the work wreath frame. Be careful not to pull the sign in too tightly because you don't want to squash down your mesh and ribbons. Pull any ribbons or mesh out from behind the side.

Step 5

You can stop right here if you like! The wreath looks great as is, but if you want to use up the rest of the ribbon, you can make a bow and put it on the lower front of the Patriotic wreath. So, that's just what we did))

ez bowmaker, e-z bow, bowmaking tool, patriotic wreath,


Make a 12" wreath bow using the E-Z Bowmaker, ProBow or a free-handed bow. We had less of the block ribbon because I cut too many ribbon strips with it.

I made one loop on each side with it; three loops with the stars and stripes ribbons and three loops with the royal blue glitter ribbon.


wreath bow

Step 6

This doesn't have to be the last step, it really should be the first step!

Make a hanger for the Patriotic wreath using three zip ties. You can also use chenille stems or floral wire.


zip tie wreath hanger, cable tie wreath hanger


Fluff all the ribbons and clip any stray strings. Check the back of the wreath for anything sharp and turn it to the inside or cover it with tape.


The Patriotic wreath measures about 27." It's a great year-round wreath but especially good for Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.


patriotic wreath, god bless america


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god bless america, patriotic wreath


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