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What’s the Difference Between a Work Wreath and Pencil Wreath?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at Trendy Tree, so we decided to do a Blog post and video tutorial to show the differences between the Work Creation Products that we stock at Trendy Tree.

Work Wreath

Our 24″ Work Wreath is made of two metal rings, inner ring is higher than the outer ring. The inner ring measures about 12″ and the outer ring measure 15″.  The pairs of twists are 6″ or so in length and once products are added, the width of the wreath results in about a 24″ wreath or even larger, depending on the material used.



24″ Silver Work Wreath



24″ Silver Work Wreath Closeup

Work Wreaths are available in many colors, both metallic and non-metallic.

Metallic Colors: Dark Red Metallic, Silver Metallic, Gold Metallic, Copper Metallic

Non-Metallic Colors: Red, Lime Green, Fresh Green, Chocolate, Burlap, Cream, White, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Lavender, Sky Blue, Seafoam, Emerald, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black

Work Wreaths also come in larger sizes than the 24″ that we carry at Trendy Tree, but this is the most popular size and larger sizes result in extremely large wreaths and require large box size to ship. For that reason, we have chosen to stock the 24″ size at this time.

Work Wreaths are also available in a Square, Rectangular and Oval shape.



Pencil Wreath

The Pencil Wreath is the same size as the Work Wreath in overall dimensions. The larger outside metal ring measures 15″ yielding a wreath size of 24″ or larger depending on the materials used. The only difference between the Work Wreath and the Pencil Wreath is the size of the twist. On the Pencil Wreath the twists are just about the size of a pencil.


Work Wreath on the Left – Pencil Wreath on the Right

Pencil Wreaths are available in many colors.

Metallic Colors: Black, White Iridescent, Red, Lime Green, Emerald, Purple, Turquoise, Chocolate, Copper, Silver, Gold, Royal Blue, Fuchsia.

Non-Metallic Colors: Black, White, Red, Lime Green, Fresh Green, Emerald, Evergreen, Cream, Burlap, Chocolate, Turquoise, Purple, Royal Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Hot Pink, Sky Blue, Seafoam, Lavender

The Pencil Wreath is also available in larger sizes, but the 24″ is the most common size and is the size stocked at Trendy Tree.

We do carry a smaller Pencil Wreath.


10″ Pencil Wreath


The inner metal ring measures 7″ in width and has 5 twist ties;  outer metal ring measure 9 3/4″ in width with 7 twist ties. The finished wreath measures around 20″ depending on the materials used.

Metallic Colors: Chocolate, Copper, Lime, Emerald, Fuchsia, Red, Black, Gold, Silver, Iridescent White

Non-Metallic Colors: Burlap, White, Red, Sky Blue, Seafoam, Black, Evergreen, Lavender, Pink, Royal Blue, Lime, Cream, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Turquoise, Fresh Green, Hot Pink, Chocolate


How do I choose between a Work Wreath or a Pencil Wreath?

The wreaths can be used as contrast or you may want the color to blend with the products you are adding to it. Most of the time, if you want contrast, the Work Wreath will show up better.

If you want to conceal your twists, the Pencil Wreath works better since the twists are smaller. With either style, the twists can be tucked to the inside or left showing.

Sometimes people prefer the Work Wreath over the Pencil Wreath because they like the extra bulk the larger twists add to the wreath and also they make for a larger surface area if you are hot gluing items such as large plastic balls or ornaments to the wreath.

What do I choose to put on the wreath?

Any number of items or layers of items can be used on your wreath or garland. We have hundreds of styles of Deco Poly Mesh, Paper Mesh, Poly Burlap, Poly Jute, Basketweave, Burlaps and Faux Burlap. The list is just endless. We’ll do another post on the differences between these materials.

To see some of our tutorials showing how to make wreaths and other creations click here: Trendy Tree Tutorials


Work Garland

The Work Garland twists are just like the twists on the Work Wreath.

Length of the garland measures a little over 9′ with the twists measuring 12″ across (tip to tip  lying flat). Finished garland yields an approximate width of 9′ – 12″ depending on fullness and style of material used.

Use these twists to secure bunches of mesh netting, ribbon or fabrics to create a garland adding trims and embellishments as desired.


Metallic Colors: Gold, Silver, Dark Red, Copper

Non-Metallic Colors: Burlap, Lavender, Cream, Yellow, Royal Blue, Emerald, Hot Pink, Black, White, Red, Lime, Turquoise, Purple, Orange, Pink


Pencil Garland

Length of the garland measures a little over 9′ with the twists measuring 12″ across (tip to tip lying flat). Finished garland yields an approximately width of 9′ – 12″ depending on fullness and style of material used. Several other colors available. See listings.

Wire garland with tinsel “twists” about the size of a pencil . Use these twists to secure bunches of mesh netting, ribbon or fabrics to create a garland adding trims and embellishments as desired.


Pencil Garland



 Needleburst Pencil Wreath

The Needleburst Pencil Wreath also measures 24″ (outer metal ring measures 15″). Once products are added, the overall finished wreath measures 24″ or larger.

The difference between the Pencil Wreath and Needleburst Wreath is that one side of the twist has a “burst” of needles at the end giving some extra “bling” to your creation.


24″ Needleburst Pencil Wreath



Needleburst Pencil Wreath Closeup

All Needleburst Wreaths are metallic colors, but there are solid color and combination colors.

Solid: Red, Lime Green, Copper, Silver

Combination: Red/Silver, Emerald/Purple/Gold, Gold/Red, Lime Green/Red, Black/Fuchsia, Gold/Black, Lime Green/Red/Gold


Needleburst Pencil Garland


9 Ft Needleburst Pencil Garland


Needleburst Pencil Garland is the same as a Pencil Garland but one side of the twist is tinsel and about 5″ in length. The other part of the twist is wire about 8″ with a star burst of tines – the “needle burst” effect.

Add Deco Poly Mesh, ribbons and other materials to make garlands, swags and other decorations.

Needleburst Pencil garlands are great for creating shapes to decorate also.

Colors are all metallic, but some are solid and some are combination.

Solid: Silver, Copper, Red, Gold, Lime Green

Combination: Lime Green/Red/Gold, Gold/Red, Gold/Black, Black/Purple/Copper, Emerald/Purple/Gold, Lime Green/Red,  Red/Silver, Black/Fuchsia



24″ Pencil Ball Wreath

The outer round metal frame measures approximately 15″ with 18 twists staggered between the two round frames. Use these twists to secure bunches of mesh netting, ribbon or fabrics to create a wreath. Tips of tinsel have shiny plastic balls that are about 3/4″ in diameter.


24″ Pencil Ball Wreath


The Pencil Ball Wreath adds some additional “Bling” to your creation without any extra work or supplies. The most important thing to remember when working with the Pencil Ball Wreath is to secure products using the twists and not to twist by the balls.

The Pencil Ball Wreaths are all metallic color, but come in solid and combination colors.

Solid: Gold with Gold Balls, Silver with Silver Balls, Red with Red Balls, Lime with Lime Balls

Combination: Gold with Black Balls, Black with Copper & Purple Balls, Red with Lime Green Balls, Lime Green with Red Balls



Pencil Ball Garland

Pencil Ball Garland is the same as Pencil Garland. It measures a little over 9′ with the twists measuring 12″ across (tip to tip lying flat). Finished garland yields an approximately width of 9′ – 12″ depending on fullness and style of material used. The garland has shiny plastic balls attached to the ends of the twists that are about 3/4″ in diameter. It is important when adding products to the Pencil Ball Garland, to use the twists to secure products and not twist by holding the balls. If one should come off, it can be re-attached easily with a bit of hot glue.




All the Pencil Ball Garlands are metallic colors, but some are solid and some combination colors:

Solid: Lime with Lime Balls, Gold with Gold Balls, Silver with Silver Balls, Red with Red Balls,

Combination Colors: Black with Purple Balls, Red with Lime Green Balls, Lime Green with Red Balls


24″ Glitter Twig Wreath

The 24″ Glitter Twig Wreath also measures 15″ (outer metal ring) and results in a 24″ or larger finished wreath. There is no tinsel on this wreath, but the wire is glittered. It is a little rough on your fingers, but holds really well and also a good choice if you don’t want your twist to show. The Glitter Twig Wreath is no longer in production I’m sad to say, because it’s one of my favorite products, but we do still have a few left in stock.


24″ Glitter Twig Wreath

Colors: Lime Green, Red


9 Ft Glitter Twig Garland

The Glitter Twig Garland is 9 ft in length and just like the wreath, it is no longer in production((( The greatest thing I’ve found with the Glitter Twig Garland, is that you can use it to make great shapes. We have cut pieces to fill in the center of wreaths when we needed a solid surface, or attached pieces to wreaths or ribbon rails to make different shapes. The wire is flexible but stiff enough to hold it’s shape really well. I’m sorry to see it go!!


9 Ft Glitter Twig Garland

Colors: Silver, Gold, Lime, Red



Twig Wreath

The 24″ Twig Wreath is the same size at the Work Wreath and Pencil Wreath. The major difference in it is the coating on the wreath. It’s a crusty, mossy green brown color. It has a rough texture to it. It’s a little bit rough on your fingers to use, but holds great. The crusty material will flake off some, but it’s still a great product.


24″ Twig Wreath



Twig Wreath Closeup

The Twig Wreath is also available in a Square, Rectangular and Oval Shape.


9 Ft Twig Garland

The Twig Garland is made with the same crusty coating as the Twig Wreath.


Twig Garland



22″ Straight Pencil Ribbon Rail

The Pencil Ribbon rail is about 22″ in length; 4″ width – these measurements are the metal frame, the twists extend beyond the frame and depending on the type and amount of materials you decorate it with, your overall project will be 30″ or more in length and 14″ or so in width at least.


22″ Straight Pencil Ribbon Rail

Metallic Colors: Emerald Green, Black, Lime Green, Copper, Red, Chocolate, Turquoise, Purple, White Iridescent, Gold, Fuchsia, Silver, Royal Blue

Non-Metallic Colors: White, Evergreen, Burlap

Ribbon Rails are great for making swags, mailbox covers for standard mail boxes and you can attach them to other pieces to create shapes. We’ve added pieces of Glitter Twig Garland to make witch hats, etc.

Table Piece

The Table Piece metal form measures 15″ in length; 8″ in width; ht 3.25″  8 Pairs of twists on outer ring; 3 pairs across the top.


The Table Piece is oval shape and has a depth of about 3″ which is difficult to tell by the photo. Colors include white and evergreen.

It’s a great football shape, or Easter Egg. Great for centerpieces too.


30″ Candy Cane Form

The Candy Cane Form is available in the Work Style and Pencil. It is a “KD” form which means “knock down.” It is shipped to two pieces that fit together and are secured with a zip tie.

Colors include metallic and non-metallic. Candy Canes can be used for other shapes besides just candy canes..position two together for a really big heart.


30″ Pencil Candy Cane



30″ Work Style Candy Cane


Work Style Colors: Silver Metallic, Red Metallic, Gold Metallic, White, Red, Evergreen

Pencil Style Colors: Red, White Iridescent, Red Metallic


 27″ & 36″ Work Cross Form

The Work Cross Form is available in Work Style, Pencil and Twig – not all sizes are available in each style. The Work Cross form is also a “KD” style. It is shipped in two pieces that you put together and secure with a zip tie. The larger cross, the 36″, will no longer be stocked by Trendy Tree once the stock as been cleared. The smaller 27″ is a great door size.


Work Style Cross



Pencil Style Cross



Twig Cross

Work Style Colors: Lime Green, Metallic Gold, Red

Pencil Style Colors: White, Evergreen, Metallic Lime Green, Copper, Metallic Silver, Metallic Red

Twig: Brown/Green

 20″ Pencil Open Wall Tree

The Pencil Open Wall Tree is a new form for this year. It measures about 20″ in ht and can be used as a tree form, turned upside down for a swag, witch hat, Santa hat, elf hat…..this form has lots of possibilities)))


Pencil Open Wall Tree

Colors: Evergreen, Metallic Red, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Lime Green

 12″ Pencil Work Ball and Half Ball

The Pencil Work Ball is 12″ in diameter, covered in twists. It has 8 ribs or sections. Use Deco Poly Mesh, ribbons, other materials to create a stunning decoration.

Work Ball is shipped flat, it contains two metal clips that you secure at the top and bottom once into place.


12″ Pencil Work Ball

The 12″ Pencil Work Half Ball has 5 ribs and will hang on a wall or door.


12″ Pencil Half Work Ball

Pencil Work Ball Colors: White Iridescent, Metallic Turquoise, Metallic Copper, Metallic Lime Green, Metallic Silver, Metallic Royal Blue, Metallic Red, Metallic Gold, Evergreen, Metallic Emerald Green, Metallic Chocolate

Pencil Work Half Ball Colors: White, Evergreen, Metallic Lime Green, Metallic Chocolate, Metallic Black, Metallic Fuchsia, Metallic Purple, Metallic Gold, Metallic Emerald Green, Metallic Red, Metallic Royal Blue, Metallic Silver, Iridescent White, Metallic Turquoise, Metallic Copper

 20″ Pencil Snowman Wreath Form

The Snowman Wreath Form is also new for 2014 and is a “KD” form.  It is shipped in two pieces that you put together and secure with a zip tie. It is a flat wreath where the other wreaths are raised in the center. The round portion is white and top portion black.

I think it could be used for other things besides just a snowman with a little alteration perhaps….Santa hat…Elf hat..etc.


Pencil Snowman Wreath Form


Work Creations Mailbox Cover

Metal Frame measures 25″ x 15″ – overall result will measure be larger depending on the type of materials used. There are about 24 twist ties on the frame. It can be shaped to cover a large mailbox or used as a centerpiece or wall hanging.


Work Creations Mailbox Cover

Colors:  Evergreen, Metallic Red, White


Box Wire Wreath Forms

Box Wire forms are just plain metal rings with no twists. They are available in several sizes and sold in bundles of 10. They can be used for “pull through” types of wreaths using burlap, poly mesh or ribbon. You can also make ribbon wreaths by just tying ribbon on the metal rings.


Box Wire Wreath Form


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