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Lemon Grapevine Wreath Tutorial

Lemon Grapevine Wreath Tutorial

lemon grapevine wreath tutorial

Lemon Grapevine Wreath Tutorial

I had a chance to drop by the shop and film Rachel making this gorgeous spring/summer wreath. Watch the video to see how she put it all together.

Rachel Wiygul is the floral designer at Trendy Tree and when she isn't busy designing fresh flowers for weddings, events and special occasions, she takes time to create projects with stock inventory.

She designed this grapevine wreath using plastic greenery and lemon picks plus a beautiful bow made of three ribbons.

I'm sorry but by the time the blog post was written, some of the supplies have already sold out. But you can still create a similar looking wreath by choosing other supplies.


14" Grapevine Wreath (not available at Trendy Tree)

13137VAGN Boxwood Bush (2)

13292BU9 Mixed Plastic Greenery Bush (2)

13450GN Flocked Dusty Miller (1) (sold out but here's a suggestion)

62813SP16 (sold out but here's a suggestion)

F4122639 RAZ Dusty Miller Leaf Spray

Lemon Pick (sold out but here's a suggestion)

80937 Mixed Fruit Pick (3)

RGA1853RY 2.5" Lemons on Green White Check

41045-40-17 2.5" Yellow Green Crossed Plaid  (sold out but here's a suggestion)

41045-09-17 1.5" Yellow Green Crossed Plaid or

41008-40-29 2.5" Lime Green Yellow Plaid

RGA127027 1.5" Black White Diagonal Check


Rachel uses an inexpensive electric skillet for hot glue. The melted glue hardens once it's cooled off and just stays in the pan and she just keeps adding hot glue sticks to it. Gorilla glue sticks are she prefers. If you don't want to use a full size electric skillet we have an affiliate link for a small 8" electric skillet you can get on Amazon.

Nesco Black 8" Electric Skillet at Amazon

Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks at Amazon


Use the Easy Flower Bush Cutter for preparing Artificial Flowers

Rachel uses the Easy Flower Bush Cutter to prepare stems for the grapevine wreath. We try to keep the cutter in stock, but are out at the writing of this post, but you can get on the waiting list to request to be notified of it's arrival. Just click on the link.

The Easy Flower Bust Cutter is a must-have if you use a lot of artificial flowers, especially bushes. It will cut through almost anything! 

And just so you know....when I first starting trying my hand at making wreaths and arrangements with artificial flowers and bushes....I didn't KNOW that you could cut the bushes and stems into pieces and use them that way. So, don't feel bad if this happened to you too)))


Rachel started out using the two boxwood bushes first. She separated the stems and placed the stems from one bush on the lower left of the grapevine wreath, use hot glue on each piece.

The second boxwood bush was applied in the same manner to the top left portio of the wreath. 

She left a space in-between the two bushes where the bow would be placed later.

plastic boxwood bush

She wasn't completely finished with the second boxwood bush in this image, but you get the idea. Whatever she did at the bottom of the wreath, she just mirrored at the top.

Next she separated the mixed greenery bushes (2) and applied them in the same manner.

Having different styles of greenery just adds texture and dimension to the wreath. 

Next, Rachel added the lemon picks. She actually used three, though the video only shows two. Rachel is always adding final touches! She decided to add the third pick at the bottom later.

Lemon picks

Again, I'm sorry, but the lemon picks that Rachel used sold out shortly after the Facebook live. Anything lemon is so hot this year! We've sold out previously to this and now again. Good for business, but frustrating when you are trying to copy a wreath. We understand.

We have a Mixed Fruit Pick that will work for this wreath and also a Lime Pick and an Orange Spray. You could choose another pick, whether it be a fruit pick or flower pick and just pick out some ribbons that blend.

The lime pick would work with the ribbons used on this wreath. Plus the lime pick as tiny little white flowers and some berries. Here's a peek.

Lime pick

The Dusty Miller pieces were the last of the greenery to be added and she broke apart one bush and divided those pieces out. I'm sorry, but this bush sold out already. I listed a suggestion of another Dusty Miller spray but you can browse and find other styles of filler greenery on the website too.


Rachel made a free-handed bow using three different types of ribbon. All the ribbon was wired which really helps when it comes to making bows. 

If making a hand-tied bow isn't your forte, you can always do like me, and use the EZ Bowmaker, Probow or Bowdabra. 

One of the ribbons has sold out already and by the time you read this, more may be sold out!

But, you can always browse our huge selection of ribbon for another choice. We have literally thousands of styles of ribbon)))

Rachel uses floral wire for securing her bows, but first she wraps it in paper floral tape.

wrap wire with floral tape


Rachel says the tape-wrapped wire, hold the bow more securely, plus it decreases the change of rust forming on the wire in case the bow get wet.

Rachel made the bow using 6" loops. I believe she made four loops with each style of ribbon and some of the tails were 12" and some longer. You can also shorten or make tails any desired length. You can also finish off your tails with angled cuts, roll the up or under or anyway you prefer.

lemon wreath bow 


I took the wreath out to my house to take some final pics, but sadly I had to return it since Rachel had promised it to a friend. But that I've watched Rachel make one, I think I can too!

lemon grapevine wreath tutorial at Trendy Tree


Thanks to Rachel for creating this beautiful wreath and letting me film it for you. Again, we're sorry that some of the items have already sold out, but we have ample products that you can choose an alternative from. 

If you have any questions or comments, just leave us a note. We love hearing from our viewers: Contact Trendy Tree Blog 


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