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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
how to hand tie a bow

How to Hand-Tie a 2-Loop Bow

how to hand-tie a two-loop bow



Making's not always easy is it! I've always admired anyone who can hand-tie a bow, especially one that is nice and neat and smooth on the back. So I did some research. You know, on the internet)))

The bow I wanted to copy seemed to mainly be used for little girls hair bows or tiny bows used on hand-made clothing.
I mean, some of these bows were tied used the tines on a fork with 1/4" satin ribbon! I thought I would never be able to use the same technique with something as wide as 2.5" ribbon that has a stiff quality about it. But, it did work out!


Practice with inexpensive, thin ribbon. Make a bow, undo it and make it again.

I used a Probow for my posts and measurements. We sell the Probow right here on Trendy Tree.

probow bow-maker

You could also use the posts from an EZ Bowmaker, but you wouldn't be able to adjust the size of your bow. But if you have one already, practice with it.

ez bowmaker



Mark the end of the ribbon with a chevron cut, or put a paper clip on it, anything to help you keep up with that end of the ribbon.

The other end (coming off the roll of the ribbon) is called the "working end." I don't know why, it's just called that.

If you are working a couple of yards of ribbon that is no longer on the roll, you can see the importance of marking the ends. All this is important because when you go to tie the knot, you have to let go of the ribbon and pick up the cut end in your right hand.

I'm right handed! Not sure how to tell you how to do it if you're left handed. Doing right the opposite sounds right, but it's not always right. 

When making the knot, fold the ribbon nice and neat that is coming over the top of your bow. 

Watch the video. The camera angle isn't great....I filmed with my iPhone and wound up having to manipulate the angle....I'll try to do better next time!

And if you need ribbon....well we have tons of it! Just browse this section for wired ribbon for all occasions and everyday use.


If you would like to see more videos on how to tie this are some older versions that I did years ago.

Hand Tied Wreath Bow Using the Probow

Easy Hand-Tied Bow Tutorial (Marking your ribbon)

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