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Fabric Covered Pumpkin Tutorial

Fabric Covered Pumpkin Tutorial

How to Cover a Cheap Styrofoam Pumpkin with Fabric


This tutorial will show you how to take a cheap Styrofoam pumpkin and turn it into an adorable fall accent piece.

This is not a new technique, there are many videos on YouTube to show you how to do this, but I had to try my hand at it after I saw Amy Smith, Ba Bam Wreaths, demonstrate the technique at Wreath Makers Live.

Try it! You'll have fun!


Styrofoam Pumpkin

Fabric (stretchy)


Wooden Spoon

Hot Glue

(My pumpkin was about a 7" x 8" pumpkin, and I cut a square of material about 24" x 24")


I chose a Styrofoam pumpkin from Walmart that cost $6.97. They have a couple of different sizes and patterns so I chose a color that I thought would cover best.

styrofoam pumpkins


The stems are just glued on, so gently work the stem back and forth until you can ease it off. Just lay it aside for now.

remove stem from styrofoam pumpkin 

Depending on the density of the Styrofoam, you may need to ream out the opening a little bit. You can use the handle of a wooden spoon or your scissors.


Choose a fabric that is stretchy. Mine was a thin jersey liike, but you could also use other kinds of knit or velvet like materials.

cut fabric to cover pumpkin

Cut a square of fabric large enough to cover the pumpkin. Better to cut it too large than too small.  You can roughly round off the fabric after the square is cut. Edges do not have to be perfect.

Place the pumpkin in the center of your fabric (wrong side) and start pulling up the edges of the fabric and pushing into the center of the pumpkin where you removed the stem. 

how to cover a styrofoam pumpkin

Use the handle of the wooden spoon to push the edges of the fabric in. Just keep working around the pumpkin, pulling up the edges and inserting into the center. Keep the fabric snug on the pumpkin and any raw edges turned under.

 how to cover a styrofoam pumpkin with fabric

Work all the way around the pumpkin. If you have any areas where the fabric seems loose, just poke the edges in a little farther to make it snug.

how to cover a styrofoam pumpkin with fabric 

Add hot glue to the stem and place back in the pumpkin. Hold in place until set.


how to cover a styrofoam pumpkin with fabric

There you have it!


how to cover a styrofoam pumpkin with fabric

Now you have those cute fall pumpkins in any color or pattern you want! Experiment with your favorite fall colors, designs and textures. I'm on the lookout for some tall Styrofoam pumpkins so I have have assorted sizes. These are light weight pumpkins so they are perfect for adding to your fall wreaths or floral arrangements.

Don't forget to look at dollar stores and Hobby Lobby for pumpkins. I found a really nice size "Cinderella" style pumpkin last week at Tuesday Morning. It was marked down to $19.99 which was still kind of expensive I thought, but it was fairly large and I splurged!

My animal print pumpkin was covered with scrap fabric left over from last year, so I've been digging around in my scraps for more styles of fabric. As I get more pumpkins covered, I'll share those images with you too.

And you could always brighten up the stems with a little metallic paint if you wanted. Turquoise pumpkins with gold stems.....oh yeah....that would be nice)))

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