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DIY Scarecrow on a 10″ Wreath 2015



Here’s another Scarecrow wreath tutorial for this season. We had several different Scarecrow heads available and this particular one was a little bit smaller than the others, so we wanted to try this head on a 10″ Work Wreath. The finished wreath turned out about 22″ in width.


XX167840 Chocolate 10″ Pencil Wreath

RE130032 Yellow/Gold Two Tone Mesh

XB96410-05 Denim/Ivory Striped Mesh 10″ x 10 yards

Talisman Ribbon (sold out)

X514509-19 Orange Candy Corn Ribbon 1.5″

RG121152 Moss Green Ribbon 1.5″

Hanging Scarecrow Legs (sold out)

Note: Products will sometimes sell out once we have done the tutorials, but the tutorial is left up for basic instructions. You can always change the colors of wreaths, mesh, ribbons etcs and usually find some substitutions for other products.

Here are some suggestions for substitutions:

80101 Scarecrow Legs on Sticks

RG180620 Orange Polka Dot Burlap Ribbon 1.5″

Q413209-09 Burlap Chevron Stripe 1.5″

RG178029 Striped Yellow Ribbon 1.5″



We started with a 10″ Chocolate Pencil Wreath. Please note that our 10″ Pencil Wreaths measure 10″ across the largest metal ring. With the addition of wreath materials, you usually wind up with a wreath that measures 20″ or more in width.


Our mesh was a gold/yellow two tone, no foil mesh, 10″ wide and 10 yards in length. We used one roll.

We use a 24″ x 36″ self healing Omnigrid Cutting Mat and a 45mm Omnigrid Rotary Cutter (these are available at Amazon and we have included our affiliate links.)


Mesh strips were cut 10″ in length for the ruffle technique. There are usually about 12 twists on a 10″ Pencil wreath, and we planned to put three layers of ruffles in each twist. You should be able to cut 36 pieces off a 10 yard roll, but sometimes it may be a little less or more than this. On this roll we were only able to cut 35 pieces but it caused no problem with the wreath, you could never tell it.



To make a ruffle, take the 10″ piece of mesh with the selvage (or uncut edges) to the sides. Scrunch up through the middle, starting at your cut edge, and pinch the gathered mesh in the center making a ruffle. Place the ruffle in one of the twists (we started on the outside ring), and secure the ruffle with just 1-2 turns of the twists. No need to secure too tight since we will be adding more layers.

We added three layers. You can go around the wreath three times if you like, or attach all three ruffles at one time. This wreath would have worked equally as well with only 2 ruffles of yellow if you are short of material.

Any time you add another ruffle or anything in your twist, you should always open up the twist down to the last layer, place the piece, the secure the twist.


Our wreath after three layers of ruffles were done.


We added some blue to the wreath by using the Denim Blue and Ivory striped 10″ mesh. This is a new product for this season with a poly base and real jute threads. The ruffles were cut 10″ in length and a blue ruffle placed in each twist. Be sure to undo the twist, lay down the blue ruffle on top of the three yellow and re-close.


Next we added a cluster of ribbon strips. You can use most any sort of ribbon you like for this wreath, but 1.5″ widths do seem to work better for the smaller wreaths. We cut the ribbon strips 12″ in length and did a chevron (or fish mouth) type cut to the ends to finish them off. We picked up one each of the ribbon and pinched them in the center, spreading them out so they were just just right on top of each other. Opened up a twist on the wreath and secure the ribbon cluster. This time you can give the twists 3-4 turns since this is our last layer. If you don’t want the chocolate twists on the wreath to show, you can tuck them to the inside at this time.


Next we added the scarecrow head. We just pushed the ruffles out of the way a bit to find a place to set the head. The head is weighted and we had to be careful not to puncture the inside container (usually this is filled with sand or something).


We placed a zip tie through the fabric portion only on the bottom of the head and secured it to the middle ring of the work wreath. Another zip tie was placed through the burlap fabric on the back of the head and secured to the work wreath frame for additional stability.


The Hanging Scarecrow Legs (which are now sold out and no longer available) were positioned through the front of the wreath and attached to the work wreath frame in the back. We do have other Scarecrow legs in stock right now that are on sticks. They won’t last long though….and we can’t get any more of those for this season either. The legs on sticks are listed about if the substitutions.

To use the legs on stick, just attached them from the back side of the work wreath with zip ties. You may need to secure each leg in about two places to make it secure.



The Scarecrow wreaths have been very popular this year so next market trip, we’ll be on the lookout for even more styles of heads and legs)))








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  1. JeanniePence says:

    Sounds like your wreaths must have been cute as pie!

  2. Judy Burdge says:

    I hope you will buy more scarecrow legs and heads. I could sell a ton of wreaths. Im learning.

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