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Patriotic Tulle Wreath Tutorial



Patriotic Wreath made with glitter tulle.


There will be a limited number of kits available (now sold out), but as these sell out the tutorial can be used to make other projects using different colors, etc.

MD005302 12″ Box Wire Wreath Form

RC127724 Red Glitter Tulle – 2 rolls

RC127734 White Iridescent Glitter Tulle – 2 rolls

RC127703 Blue Glitter Tulle – 2 rolls

Q415240-01 Stars & Stripes Ribbon 2.5″ x 10 yards

Firecracker Spray (not available on website)



This wreath technique is easy, but does take some time. And the glitter tulle is messy so you might want to work in an area where the glitter won’t be a problem. It isn’t a project you want to do in your living room))))

For this wreath, we started with blue tulle on the outer ring. The tulle measures 6″ in width and each roll has 25 yards.


Start by tying the tulle to the wreath form with a simple knot. The loops are made using a slip knot. Just pull the tulle under the wire, put your fingers through the loop and grasp the tulle pulling up a loop of 6″. You may need to practice a bit until you get the hang of it. You want to keep your knots fairly uniform around the metal ring. To tighten the slip knot, just pull on opposing sides. When you practice you will see if you pull from just one side, you’ll pull you knot right now. Also, since this wreath is made by not cutting the tulle, you could unravel the whole thing if you wanted to.


Measure your loops occasionally and if one is too short or too long, you can adjust it before moving on. After a while you won’t need to measure, but still occasionally just check.


If you notice the wreath form is divided up into six sections. We filled three sections with the first roll of blue tulle, and used the complete second roll for the next three sections.  When you have made your last loop, flip the wreath over and tie your end of the tulle to the end where you began. Just tie it in a couple of knots and you can tuck the ends to the inside.

Next, we tied on the roll of white tulle. When you tie the roll on, you need to tie it by placing the roll in the center of the wreath and tie the tulle on to the second ring by going under the metal and just make a simple knot.


Make your loops the same size and continue working around the middle ring. You want to have enough loops to cover of the metal ring well.  We used all but maybe a yard of the 2 rolls of white tulle.




Next, we tied on the red in the same manner and continued to make six inch loops around the wreath form. The layer is the one that will show the most if your knots are not pretty much the same and you want to have them snug enough to really cover up your frame well.

When you are working close to a post you will notice that the tulle may snag. Tulle catches on anything, so just try too push your loops back out of the way, make your knot and then slide it back close to the post. There may be areas were the wire is welded together that might have a rough edge.


This wreath is very full and fluffy. Just push the loops toward the outside and when you hang it, may sure you have all the loops from the backside pushed out away from the center.

If  making the slip knot like this is not your preference, or you are having difficulty with it you can always cut the tulle into 12″ strips and tie each strip on individually. It will essentially give the same look. Just click on the image of our Candy Corn Wreath where we used this technique if you need instruction.



Next we make a large bow about 14″ in diameter with the Patriotic Ribbon and secured it to the inner most metal ring of the wreath form with a chenille stem. Once you make your bow, you may have to hang on the wall to decide on your placement and to fluff out the blow.

The firecracker spray’s long end was just folded up instead of cutting off and with the wreath hanging on the wall, we decided on the placement of the spray. The spray was just worked under the red tulle and then secured to the wreath frame using two zip ties (cable ties), or you could use chenille stems.

Once again, you really have to hang it on the wall the make your final adjustments on the spray and the bow. Fluff out any loops that have gotten tucked in or anything.


Look at your wreath from the back and if you have any loose ends from where you tied your tulle ends together, tuck them to the inside, make sure you don’t have any rough edges from the clipped zip tie ends that might scratch your door or anything, just turn them toward the inside.

We have several tutorials on bow making if you need to review one of those tutorials to make your bow. Just browse through the tutorials for one using one style of ribbon.


This is a great wreath for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day or Veterans Day…..or if you are like me and keep your flag hanging all time….any time is a good time to show your Patriotism)))





2 Responses to “Patriotic Tulle Wreath Tutorial”

  1. Diane Cook says:

    By putting the tulle on kind of like a half bow, it really makes the wreath really full. I love it!
    It’s been awhile since you’ve had a tutorial, I’ve missed them. By the way where’s Carrie?
    I love it when you do the tutorials together.
    Take care and keep the tutorials coming.

    • JeanniePence says:

      Thank you Diane, appreciate it! Carrie is busy filling orders which is a good thing….but she doesn’t get much of a chance to get in on the wreath making, but I’m hoping she can help me out soon)))

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