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Burlap Horse Head Wreath Tutorial 2016



Burlap Horse Head Wreath Tutorial


(The wreath kit containing all the supplies is sold old. Individual supplies are listed below and substitutions can be made as those supplies sell out.)



XX7718W4 Burlap Horse Head Wreath (also available in evergreen color)

XB97010-15 Frayed Edge Burlap Mesh

RA1368 Natural Loose Weave Burlap 2.5″

RA131824 Red Loose Weave Burlap 1.5″

MG102518 Burlap Wired Garland (updated 4/4/19 – this product is no longer available from the manufacturer)


The Horse Head wreath form is available in two colors, burlap and evergreen. You could make this project with either one since the ties don’t really show once you’re finished.


The first step was to push the unused ties to the center or out of the way. Only the ties on the very top of the head and down the mane side were used. You could cut the ties off if you wish, but we just tucked them out of the way. We might use this same form for another project later.


Attach the 2.5″ natural burlap ribbon to one of the twists just to secure the beginning end of the ribbon and wrap the frame with the 2.5″ ribbon until it is covered and the outer twists on the right side and top are left out. Sometimes it is easier to cut the ribbon into pieces instead of trying to keep it all one long piece.


We covered the ear first and then went to the nose. Any loose ends can be tucked underneath on the back. You can also use hot glue if you find your ribbon slipping off somewhere or secure with tiny floral wire.


You wouldn’t have to necessarily cover the wreath form with 2.5″ ribbon, you might have another fabric or burlap that you could use. We mainly just wanted to cover up the wire frame.


Next we covered the frame with the Burlap Wired Garland. This product has 30 feet on it, but you may find yourself having to re-wrap the wreath more than once to get everything covered. It took the entire length to cover the frame. On my first attempt I had used too much around the nose and head, and had to remove it start over using less wraps so that I would have enough to finish. You may have to cut some lengths of the garland to manage it easier. The ends also can just be tucked to the inside. The garland is wired also.




Next we took the 10″ Dark Natural Frayed Burlap and frayed one edge to about a 6″ fringe. The mesh is already frayed about 2″ on each side, so we started pulling threads out of one side and kept pulling until we had about a 6″ fringe. We started with a piece of mesh about 2 yards in length since it was easier to work with shorter piece. This was the most time consuming part of this project and it’s messy!


Once your have your edge frayed the length you want, now you want to pull a gathering string about midway of the mesh between the two edges. On this particular piece we started pulling about where my right thumb is in the photo. When you pull a gathering string, you pull gently and gather the piece the mesh, but don’t pull the string all the way out. It will come out if you pull too hard on it.


When you are pulling your gathering string, keep an eye on the opposite end. Before you are in danger of pulling the thread all the way out, move to the opposite end and start gathering at the same point on that end. Gather the mesh up fairly snuggly and try to keep it from getting tangled and twisted)))

You will have long threads at each end of the mesh. You can tie several knots in them to help keep your gathering from coming out, but mesh is woven very loosely and if you’re not careful your gathering will come out.


We started with our gathered piece at the lower right edge of the wreath form and attached the mesh using the twist tie. The gathering string was tied to the wire frame in a couple of places. The gathered mesh was secured along the neck with the twist ties and the gathering string at the other end of the mesh was also tied to the frame. This may have been overkill, the gathering might not come out after the mesh was secured to the twist ties, but we tied the loose ends.

The first 2 yard piece of gathered mesh wasn’t enough, we had to gather another piece about the same size to finish the mane. Once you reach the top of the head, you want to position your gathered mesh to fall down the front of the head as bangs. The end of the gathered mesh was pulled around toward the back of the wreath to get it to hang down like bangs.


The twists were tucked to the back side out of the way and the 6″ fringe smoothed with the short frayed edge pulled upward.


If you wanted to hot glue the edges of the burlap ribbon together around the bottom you could.

Next we fashioned a “halter” out of the red 1.5″ burlap ribbon. We took a piece and just went around the nose, and tied the ends together in the back.


Now if you want your back side to be nice and neat, you could secure this ribbon with hot glue. For our purposes, we just tied the ends together and tucked them under out of the way.


We took a longer piece of ribbon (sorry I didn’t measure) and slid one end under the nose piece and brought the two ends of the ribbon over the head, behind the ear, to the back.


The ends were slipped under the nose piece and just tied off. Ends clipped and tucked under.


A similar piece was fashioned to go in front of the ear. We just slid the piece under and carried it in front of the ear, attached it to the ribbons on the back and tied it off. Again, I’m sure you can make this much neater from the back with hot glue, but for our purposes, this worked just fine))


We made a little rosette flower out of the red burlap and glued it to the halter. Here’s a link to show you how to make ribbon roses. Ribbon Flower

Burlap is a little harder to work with because of it’s thickness. We used about a yard to make this flower.

If you watched the video, you saw Matt in the background from time to time…..he has laid claim to this wreath, wants it on his wall in his room)))





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  1. Tracey says:

    What can be used as a substitute for the fuzzy wired burlap garland? I cannot find it anywhere!!! Thanks in advance!

    • TrendyTree says:

      I’m sorry, that product is no longer made by the company and we haven’t found a good substitute. We do have some frayed edge mesh that might work, but I haven’t tried it in a tutorial as yet. I’ll try to get it on my to do list. I hate to recommend it without seeing how it would work.

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