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How to Use 21″ Poly Mesh in a Ruffle Wreath Technique



This image is a wreath done with the ruffle technique, but instead of using the typical 10″ mesh for 10″ x 10″ ruffles, we used 21″ wide mesh. We never recommend splitting 21″ wide mesh to make 10″ x 10″ ruffles, but we did give this a try since 21″ White Snowball mesh is all we have in stock right. More of the 10″ will be arriving in a few weeks.

The easel in the image is a tabletop easel available at Amazon. We placed a screw on the front to hold the wreath. We’ve included our affiliate link if you are interested in purchasing.

When split down the middle and then cut into 10″ squares, there was just too much raveling to use in this manner. There is always raveling with any style of mesh you use whether it be poly mesh, poly burlap, paper mesh etc. Some mesh does ravel worse than others and you will see this in very light weight mesh with a larger weave pattern.

We practiced with the 21″ mesh and here’s what we came up with!


The 21″ wide mesh was cut into 10″ lengths (same as with a 10″ wide mesh).

We use a 24″ x 36″ self healing Omnigrid Cutting Mat and a 45mm Omnigrid Rotary Cutter (these are available at Amazon and we have included our affiliate links.)


I was to the very end of the mesh roll so it didn’t lay flat very well)) Just spread the mesh out best as you can on your cutting mat or use a yard stick.


Fold the top edge of the mesh toward the center, not rolled up, but folded.


While holding that folded top edge down, fold the bottom edge up to the center and keep holding it flat as best you can.


Lay your fold piece on your mat or yardstick at the 1 to 20 mark. You mesh may be 21″ but that’s close enough.

Find your center point which would be the 10″ mark and place your finger there. Fold the mesh over from right to left and keep the ends together.


You should have a folded piece of mesh that measures 10″ in width.


At the center, or 5″ mark, scrunch up through the middle and hold pinched in your fingers.


One side of your ruffle will be a looped side and one an open side. You can fluff the looped side a little, but not too much, You don’t want to pull your cut edges out. Secure your ruffle in one of the twists on the wreath form.

Create you second ruffle the same way.

To layer your ruffles, open up the twist on the ruffle you just secured and lay the looped ends of the ruffles opposite to each other.


Re-secure the twist with a couple of turns. Essentially you have the thickness in mesh of about 4 typical 10″ ruffles.


This makes a very full wreath. Here’s a side view of the 10″ wreath we did.


Please  note on this wreath, we had also filled in the center by adding 4-5 extra ruffle clusters. You don’t have to do this if you are just making a regular wreath and adding embellishments to it. The wreath in this image was filled in to use for a Snowman head or body.

It will take longer to make a ruffle wreath using 21″ mesh, but the look is similar to the ruffle wreaths made 10″ mesh. Sometimes when you don’t have the product you need, just you have to make the product that you have work and this sure seems like a good solution)))

Plus, many times there are styles of mesh in 21″ width that are not available in 10″ widths. Heavier 21″ mesh or wide foils, would just have to be tested to see if this manner would work for those too. It’s all trial and error. Sometimes what works for one project won’t work for the next. The snowball mesh isn’t as dense as some wide foils, so I don’t know how they would work out.

If you’ve worked out a solution using 21″ mesh for ruffles we would love to hear from you!






8 Responses to “How to Use 21″ Poly Mesh in a Ruffle Wreath Technique”

  1. Mary T says:

    Love this wreath. Going to try to make it using 2 different colors. Going to make a beachy or nautical wreath. Love your website and wreaths you make.
    Thank you.

  2. Rose says:

    Love it gonna have to make one

  3. Cathy Hixon says:

    whats the best method to cut 21″ mesh up the middle

    • TrendyTree says:

      Thank you for your inquiry but we really don’t recommend splitting a roll of 21” because the more cuts in the mesh the more u raveling you will have. Have you tried 10” mesh?

  4. Fran says:

    So beautiful!!!

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