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2017 Reindeer Wreath Tutorial – ReCap of a Facebook Live


This is a recap of a Facebook Live that we did 11/17/17 making a reindeer wreath.


XC9907 Reindeer Pieces

XX748855 24” Fresh Green Work Wreath

RE1044M9 21” Apple Green Stripe Metallic Deco Poly Mesh

RY810066 10” Lime Snowdrift Mesh

RG0156627 2.5” Truck Ribbon

RX3960F3 2.5” Ho Ho Ho Ribbon

RX3976 2.5” Satin Diamonds Ribbon

RG0120033 2.5” Lime Polka Dot Ribbon

Reindeer Wreath Kit with all the supplies has sold out.

Please note that after the supply kits have sold out, we will leave the tutorial us, since the basic instructions can be followed and other products chosen for a similar wreath.


Mesh: We used a 21″ mesh and made 10″ poufs around the outer and inner rings on a 24″ work wreath. You will have some 21″ mesh left over.

We attached the reindeer pieces using the wires on the back of the pieces and attached them directly to the wreath frame.

Next we cut 15″ ruffles from the 10″ mesh and placed one ruffle in each twist (18) around the outer and inner rings. You will have some 10″ mesh left over.

Bows: We made a four ribbon bow, based on the Terri Bow technique. You can watch Terri Marshall make her unique bow here: Terri Bow made by Terri Marshall using ProBowtheHand.

We used four different 2.5″ ribbons and only used each ribbon one time to make a bow. So it was a smaller version of the original Terri bow. Also in the Facebook Live, we had made 5 bows to go on the wreath, made a 6th bow at the end of the video and added it to the wreath. But then I came back and did another video making another one of the bows so we could get a different came angle, so this made seven bows that were added to the wreath. There was still ribbon left over.

The bow were position around the wreath and attached to the wreath frame. If this pulls your bows in too far, you can attach to the twists on the work wreath.

Here’s a video with close up view making the bow:

I apologize for the quality of the images, they were taken as frames from the live video and are not great.



6 Responses to “2017 Reindeer Wreath Tutorial – ReCap of a Facebook Live”

  1. Sue Nolan says:

    Are the loops of the bows about a 5″ loop?

  2. Sue Nolan says:

    What is the length of each ribbon piece?

    • JeanniePence says:

      We didn’t use cut pieces of ribbon. The bow was made with the ribbon on the roll and cut free after each set of loops made. There is a bow tutorial on the page. Thanks!

  3. Anna d Mullenax says:

    How big is reinforce wreath

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