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white grapevine wreath with geraniums tutorial

Grapevine Wreath with Red Geraniums Tutorial

grapevine wreath with summer flowers


Grapevine Wreath

Is your grapevine wreath not a perfect round or oval? It's okay, make it work! I needed something light to go on my front door which is dark brown, so I spray-painted a grapevine wreath white. It's sort of warped, but it's working okay.

Just add a few sprays and a bow. One and done! I like to create arrangements that are not permanent. This way I can re-use the white grapevine for another occasion. So for my personal creations I don't usually use hot glue or anything permanent.

Watch and learn how to create a floral to add to your wreath. That way you can remove it easily and re-use both the florals and wreath for another time.

Trendy Tree Products

62695SP28 Geranium Berry Spray - 2

61908NAT Natural Leaf Sprout - 1

F4206651 RAZ White Thistle Spray - 1

Place the two geranium sprays together for the base. Cut the leaf spray into pieces and add to the base. Fill in with pieces of the thistle spray. I did not use the other sprays shown in the video. We'll use them at another time!

The oval grapevine wreath was just laying around in the garage!


RGC118527 2.5" White Gauze Ribbon

RGC118624 1.5" Red Gauze Ribbon

RGA118827 2.5" Apple Ribbon

RGA164327 1.5" Cherry Ribbon

RG01049L6 2.5" Black White Gingham


I used the EZ Bowmaker to make the bow and attached it to the wreath with ribbon. Trimmed the tails shorter after it was added. 

bow for a summer grapevine wreath made on the ez bowmaker

Finishing Touches

Make a hanger for the wreath using floral wire, binding wire, chenille stems or zip ties. Fluff the ribbons (wired ribbons make this part easy). Finish off the tails of the ribbon with chevron cuts, angled cuts, or even roll up the edges if the ribbon is the same on both sides or has a pretty backing.

Adjust the flowers and berries to face some to the side, some forward and some toward the inside.

grapevine wreath with geraniums and white thistle

I LOVE the sprout leaf spray. It's so light and airy looking;

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