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Happy Easter Wreath


happy easter wreath tutorial

Never fear, spring will come! Time to start thinking about those spring flowers and Easter decorations. Here’s a wreath tutorial using the Happy Easter sign, mesh and ribbon strips.

The products used for the Happy Easter Wreath will be available in a kit while supplies last. When the kits sell out, we will leave the tutorial up since you can use other products to make a similar style wreath.


XX748813 24″ Lavender Wreath – 1

MD0458 Happy Easter Sign -1

RP8121H2 10″ Lavender/Cream Poly Burlap Mesh – 1

RY8501E2 10″ Iridescent Lavender Deco Poly  Mesh – 1

RG01726F3 1.5″ Teal with Gold Squares  Ribbon  – 1

RG0194627 2.5″ Bunny Bottoms Ribbon – 1

RG01832 2.5″ Pastel Stripe Ribbon – 1

RG0190122 1.5″ Pink Glittered Argyle Ribbon – 1

Purchase the kit here: 2019 Happy Easter Wreath Supply Kit – Update – These kits have sold out, but you can choose similar items to substitute with.



Wreath Form: A 24″ lavender work wreath was used, but other colors can be used. The 24″ work wreath measure 15″ across the widest ring. With the addition of mesh, ribbons, etc, a finished wreath will usually measure 24″ or greater.

Mesh: Two different styles of mesh were used on this project. The first was a 10″ poly burlap check in lavender and cream. The new poly burlap check mesh resembles the old “windowpane” style mesh, but it is made of all Polypropylene. The second mesh was also a new product, iridescent lavender 10″ mesh.

The poly burlap check mesh was used to make 12″ poufs around both the outer and inner rings of the work wreath.

The iridescent lavender mesh was used to make 20″ ruffles. A ruffle was added to each twist. The twist was opened, making sure the pouf stayed in place, and the re-secured.

We used a Fiskars 24″ x 36″ self healing cutting mat to work on. Here’s an affiliate link: Fiskars Cutting Mat

We also used a Fiskars 60mm rotary stick cutter. Affiliate Link: Fiskars 60mm Cutter

Sign: The sign is 12″ in width and made of metal. It has a pre-punched hole at the top and bottom. Use chenille stems, full length, in each of the holes. If more length is needed, just twist two together.

Make a hanger for the back of the wreath using a chenille stem or zip tie. This will help keep the center point when positioning the sign.

Position the sign in the center, but keep it out toward the front and not buried in the mesh. Secure to the work wreath frame with the chenille stems.

Ribbon: Ribbon can be added to a wreath in many styles. For this project, 12″ strips were used. There were two 2.5″ width ribbons and two 1.5″ ribbon. All the ribbons were on 10 yard rolls. Eighteen strips of each style of ribbon was cut.

The ends of the 2.5″ ribbon were cut with a dove tail cut. The 1.5″ ribbon ends were just cut at an angle.

Ribbon clusters containing one of each style of ribbon, was placed in each twist. The ribbon cluster was placed on top of the ruffle and secured. Be sure to twist in a direction, that doesn’t unwind the previous twist.

There was extra ribbon left over from each style. The 2.5″ ribbons were used to make a big loopy bow and placed at the bottom of the wreath. Ribbon  can be added to the wreath in many different ways. Ribbon strips, loops and tails, big bows, small bows or any combination.

The finished Happy Easter wreath measured about 25-26″ Clip your strings when finished and fluff the ribbons. Check the back of the wreath for anything sharp that might scratch your door.

Happy Easter!



*This post contains affiliate links.




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