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Learn How to Make Bows with Julie's Wreath Boutique

Learn How to Make Bows with Julie's Wreath Boutique

learn how to make easy bows

Do you struggle making bows? Well here's a video by Julie's Wreath Boutique that will show you how to make bows in an instant!

Julie is a great teacher with her soft spoken manner as she shows you step by step how you can create beautiful bows....even if you thought you never could!

Watch Julie's video below.

Here's a link to the ribbon bundles from Trendy Tree that Julie's used for the leopard print bow and the elf bundle bow.

We've make it easy for you and have combined the ribbons into bundles so you can purchase exactly what she used for these bows.

Julie's Leopard Bundle

leopard print christmas ribbon bundle

Julie's Elf Bundle

elf print christmas bow


Leopard Print Christmas Bow

Love the way this ribbon combination turned out! Julie demonstrated three way to finish off the leopard print bow.

add tiny ornaments to the center of your bow

Just a little bit of tweaking adds a special touch. Julie added some inexpensive small ornaments to the center of the bow.

Not only does it give that extra pop, it covers up any mechanics that sneak into view.

Elf Print Christmas Bow

elf print christmas bow



The elf print bow has a shiny elf print ribbon and geometric diamond print with lime, emerald and red.

The red and white 1.5" horizontal stripe pulls it all together for a cute, whimsical bow that would be great for wreaths, door hangers, packages or on your Christmas tree.

Many thanks to Julie Oxendine of Julie's Wreath Boutique for sharing her skills with us and featuring some ribbons from Trendy Tree.

Don't forget that we literally have hundreds and hundreds of ribbon styles to choose from! Just pick a collection and start browsing! 

Thanks for visiting our blog and if you have any questions or comments, just drop us a note: Trendy Tree Blog



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