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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Poinsettia Faux Burlap Wreath Tutorial 2020

Poinsettia Faux Burlap Wreath Tutorial 2020

Poinsettia Wreath Tutorial using Faux Burlap Deco Mesh

Poinsettia Wreath Tutorial 2020

If you have followed our blog for very long, you will see that we have done several Poinsettia style or flower wreath tutorials. Each one of these tutorials may be a little different! Things are always evolving and changing in the wreath making world!

This tutorial used a stacked method of wreath forms. Using a 24" wreath and a 10" wreath. This is not the only way to make a Poinsettia wreath of course, but it's what we chose for today.

Supply Kit

There will be al limited number of supply kits available. Once these kits have sold out, the tutorial will still be left up since you can choose different products to create the same look.

Poinsettia Wreath Supply Kit Red Emerald Faux Burlap

Individual Supplies

Poinsettia Wreath Supplies

1 roll of red 10" or 10.5" mesh 10 yards in length. You could use Deco Mesh, Fabric Mesh, or just about any style of red mesh you desire. Remember the more foil the mesh has, the better coverage. it will yield. Also a mesh product that has a Polyester thread, jute or faux jute will also have a better coverage.

1 roll of green 10" or 10.5" mesh 10 yards in length. You could use emerald, moss or lime. The same properties as above will apply.

1 24" Pencil or Work Wreath. You could use lime, emerald or evergreen wreath forms.

1 10" Pencil Wreath. We used a green form since there were plenty in stock, but you could use red or a color close to your mesh color.

4 Pencil Ball Ties 50mm. We used four ball ties, but if you had larger ball ties, you would new fewer and if you had smaller vice versa. Another option for covering the center is using a Flower Center which is made out of Styrofoam and twig.

Other supplies would include chenille stems and zip ties. The other tools you see us use in the video are a Mesh Roller, Cutting Mat, and a Rotary Cutter. (Affiliate links are included for these tools)

Wreath Forms

Our 24" Work Wreaths or Pencil Wreaths measure 15" across the widest metal ring. With the addition of mesh, ribbons etc, you wind up with a wreath that measures 24" or great.

This tutorial called for a "stacked" method. A 10" Pencil Wreath was attached to the top of the 24" wreath.


We used a 10.5" faux burlap mesh in red and emerald green. There are 18" twists on our 24" pencil wreath, so we cut 36" pieces of the emerald mesh in 10" length. One 10 yard roll of mesh should yield 36 10" pieces but don't fret if you fall short. It will not show.

We also cut 36" 10" pieces of the red mesh.

Green Petals

Start with the emerald green mesh and the 24" wreath form. Take the 10" square of mesh and lay it down to where it rolls up on itself. Smooth it out and bring two corners to the center, overlapping a bit. 

fold 10" square mesh into petal shape

Pinch it in the center and flip it over. You want the petals to be curling under a bit. 


Make Petals for Poinsettia wreath

Place two petals in each twist. You can place a clothespin or clip around the first petal while you make the second one, to save yourself a little time. 

Place the two petals in the twist and secure with 2-3 turns. You won't need the twists anymore, so tuck them to the inside of the wreath form as you go. Once the petals are secure, push them toward the outside of the wreath in a "V" fashion.

Petals for Poinsettia wreath

Start on the outer ring with two petals, and then do the same with the inner ring. Don't worry if you fall short a petal, it will not show.

Stack the Wreaths

Stack the 10" wreath form on top of the 24" wreath and secure with four zip ties (cable ties). Put them all on loosely at first and then tighten a little at a time in order to keep the 10" wreath form centered.

Snip the ends of your zip ties. You could also use chenille stems for this or even floral wire.

Use two chenille stems to make a "crossbar" over the center of the 10" wreath. You will need these stems for some extra petal placement later and a grid to insert the pencil balls through. 

Red Petals

Make the red petals in the same manner. Place two petals in each twist around the 10" wreath form, the outer and inner rings.

The 10" wreath form has 12 twelve twist so it should take 24 pieces to go around the wreath. (Reserve a couple of pieces, at least 2 by placing a single petal in a couple of places instead of two petals)

Once you have petals in all the twists, you will now need to add some extra petals.

Make these extra petals like a pick. Make the petal and take half of a chenille stem and place it across the top of the petal. Twist the chenille stem together on the back.

Petals for Poinsettia wreath

Place two single petals around the inner ring of the 10" wreath form, between the twists. It will take 10 petals for this.

To secure the petal "pick" just place it between the twist and secure from the underneath side, so the ends of the chenille stem doesn't show.

You should have 4 pieces of red mesh left. If not, take a petal out of another twist.

You need 4 petal picks to finish.

Remember the chenille stems that we placed across the center of the 10" wreath as a crossbar? Well, take one petal pick and place on that chenille stem, secure it from the bottom. Place a petal pick on each chenille stem pretty close to the center.

Pencil Ball Ties

Place the pencil ball ties up through the center of the wreath from the bottom. Place one ball through one section of the center, and the other ball through another. Twist together gently being careful not to twist them directly from the balls. 

Keep placing balls up through the center of the wreath and twisting them all together until you get the center as even as possible. Be careful not to twist them so tight that they may pull off, but don't leave them loose enough to where they are just dangling. Gently move them around as needed.

Adjust Balls

Another option for covering the center would be a Styrofoam Flower Center if ball ties are not available. 


Clip all the strings. All mesh unravels and you will have to clip string. Clip with scissors rather than pull.

If you have areas with gaps, gently move the petals a bit. If something still wants to pop open and show, you can use a bit of hot glue as needed. I didn't have to use any glue, but you could.

Make a hanger for your wreath using chenille stems, zip ties, or floral wire. 

Poinsettia Wreath

If you have any questions or comments, just leave us a note! Trendy Tree Blog

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