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Sweet Tea Wreath Tutorial


Sweet Tea……it’s a must have beverage for the south. Sweet or un-sweet…..we Southerners drink it for lunch and dinner…or supper as we say. You’ll love the tutorial for this easy to make wreath featuring a Sweet Tea sign that says “when life gives you lemons…..put them in your sweet tea.”



XX748829 – 24″ Yellow Work Wreath

AP8401 – Sweet Tea MDF Sign (available only in kit)

RY830257 – Yellow/Cream Mesh 10″ – 2 Rolls

RG01964EW – 1.5″ Goldenrod Iridescent Ribbon

RG0179906 – 1.5″ Emerald Green/White Check Ribbon (available only in kit)

RGA103102 – 2.5″ Black/White Sweet Tea Ribbon (available only in kit)

RG01683K2 – 2.5″ Yellow/Green Plaid Ribbon (available only in kit)

Purchase wreath supply kit: Sweet Tea Wreath Supply Kit

*Please note that the tutorial will be left up even after the kits and/or individual supplies have sold out. A similar wreath can be made following the instructions using different products.



Ruffle technique. Mesh was cut in 30″ length and one ruffle applied to each twist.

Ribbons: Cut in 12″ length and cluster of four ribbon applied to each twist.

Sign: Chenille stems stapled to back of sign to attach to work wreath frame.

Bow: One large bow made with the EZ Bowmaker.

There was a little bit of mesh left over and some of the 2.5″ ribbons were left over.