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sunflower wreath made by unique in the creek

Fabric Mesh Sunflower Wreath by Unique in the Creek

Have you ever wondered what sunflower wreaths look like when made with different products? Well Laurie at Unique in the Creek has tried them all! 

Here's a collection of sunflower wreaths made in different types of mesh, felt and fun foam. It will give you an idea of what your own wreath could look like. 

We'll show you one our favorite sunflower wreaths and give you Laurie's YouTube link. Gosh, she has so many videos! You'll want to go to the Unique in the Creek YouTube channel and browse them all!


sunflower wreaths made out of different products by unique in the creek

Let's take a look at this sunflower wreath with a brown flower center.

sunflower wreath by unique in the creek



(These are suggestions, they may not be the exact same products that Laurie used in her wreath but they will work.)

Fabric Mesh - 2 Rolls (several colors and styles available, all 10" and 10.5")

Flower Wreath Form 15.5"

8" Zip Ties Bag of 500

Flower Center Assorted Colors

XB97910-22 10" Daffodil Fabric Mesh

XB97910-49 10" Sunflower Fabric Mesh

RY831229 10.5" Yellow Faux Jute Stripe Weave

Green Mesh - You'll only need a few pieces

XB97910-08 10" Moss Green Fabric Mesh

XB97910-09 10" Lime Green Fabric Mesh

RY8313F2 10.5" Fresh Green Faux Jute

RY831249 10.5" Moss Green Faux Jute

Note: We have listed some fabric mesh and faux burlap. They are very similar. Both have extra Polyester threads added to the Polypropylene which gives it more of a fabric feel and less plastic. Fabric or faux....just different names from different companies.

Again, these are just suggestions. Just pick out a yellow and a green. Remember you need two rolls of the yellow and just a few pieces for the green. You probably have some in your stash! Laurie used a metallic green mesh in this video so you could use any shade of green for leaves.

Watch the Video

This is a great basic flower wreath tutorial to follow. Just pick out your favorite color of mesh, add some green for leaves and a flower center. The sky is the limit))  If purple is your favorite color, make a purple flower wreath with a yellow center. I could go on and on, but you get my drift)))

A big thanks to Laurie Mac with Unique in the Creek! Laurie has created so many types of crafting boards for wreath making and she can show you how to turn each one into a stunning creation using mesh and other products.

Don't forget to check out her Youtube channel and subscribe:  Unique in the Creek

And her Facebook page, tell her Trendy Tree sent you! Unique in the Creek

Stay tuned! We're going to give you the link to another one of her beautiful wreaths in the next post! Her Daffodil Wreath. I want to try this one myself, and this is the perfect time of the year to put a gorgeous flower wreath on your front door!


Here's a link to the first sunflower wreath I made using a Unique in the Creek Form: Sunflower Wreath on Unique in the Creek Form

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