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2017 Autumn Lantern Swag Tutorial


Fall is my favorite time of the year! And to start my decorating off, Rachel made the gorgeous fall swag for one of my lanterns.

Lanterns are such an easy way of decorating! When you don’t need a lot of decoration for a season, or only have a small place for decorations, a lantern swag is just perfect. It’s easy to change out and easy to decorate!

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F3606769 RAZ Orange Bittersweet Berry Spray

52412SP24 Acorn Spray

Scrap Ribbons

We didn’t create a kit for this project mainly because we only used two new items, the two sprays. Ribbons came from our heaping box full of ribbon pieces. But here are a few ribbon suggestions if you need fall ribbon:



Summary: Rachel made two parts out of the Bittersweet spray so one piece would be downward and the other upward.

The Bittersweet spray is a beautiful spray from RAZ that measures about 24″. It has deep red, almost rust like berries with little tiny orange leaves on a twiggy branch. Perfect fall colors.

The acorn spray is a “value priced” pick, but it has nice fall colors. It measures about 24″ in length. We’ve used this acorn pick on a few different things this season already. Seems like we just keep going back to it when we need fall filler!

The spray pieces were secured to the top of the lantern. You can attach directly depending on the style of lantern you have, or use floral wire as needed. The inexpensive acorn spray was added for additional color.

Simple loop bow was made with the different scrap ribbons we had on hand. She cut the tails about 1 yard of each style and the loop pieces were about 2.5 yards each. The ribbon loops were about 5″

The bow was attached to the top of the lantern using the floral wire that secured the bow. Easy Peasy!

I have a large candle that I will put inside or may some fall ornaments. Here in Pontotoc county we have Bodock trees and they have big green lumpy balls that are perfect for fall decorating.


Hello Fall!






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