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Differences in Poly Mesh Products



This post is to give you the basic differences between the poly mesh products sold at Trendy Tree. It gives general information about products.

Synthetic poly when talking about mesh, simply means “plastic.” Poly mesh is a mesh, fabric like plastic with an open weave.

Some mesh products will have a tighter weave than others. Generally the cheaper the mesh, the more open the weave and the less coverage you have. The more dense the mesh and the more foil in the mesh results in a heavier mesh product that covers better and is usually more expensive.

All plastic products fade in sunlight. Some plastic or poly mesh rolls may fade faster than other, it just all depends on the length of time exposed and the elements. We have not seen any way to predict how long a mesh product will hold it’s color or shape.

Poly mesh products come in several sizes: 2.5″ 4″ 10″ 21″ and many, many colors and combination colors.

Solid Deco Poly Mesh®


Solid Deco Poly Mesh (no foil)

Solid Deco Poly Mesh® is solid color mesh that is plain and has no foil. It is available in many colors and widths.  It is may be synthetic poly material (plastic) and has good resistance to moisture, but as with any plastic product, will fade in direct weather.


Two Tone Deco Poly Mesh®


Two Tone Deco Poly Mesh



Two Tone Deco Poly Mesh® is made of two colors of poly and it contains no foil. The weave is the same as the solid poly mesh. The mesh pictured above is called Purple Haze and is made of a combination of red and lavender poly. You can see the two colors in the closeup below.



Metallic Foil Deco Poly Mesh®

Metallic Foil Mesh may sometimes be listed as just metallic foil, or descriptions may say laser foil. Laser foil is usually just a bit more shiny and may cost a little more. The foil strips in the mesh are narrow and spaced usually less than half an inch apart in the weave. This sometimes gives a bit of a striped look. The foil strips may be the same color as the poly mesh, or they may be different. Metallic foil mesh comes in all sorts of solid colors and patterns including stripes, plaids and checks.


Cream Poly Mesh with Gold Foil



Fuchsia Poly Mesh with Fuchsia Foil



Snowball Metallic Mesh

Snowball Metallic Mesh is poly synthetic mesh with foil strips and additional little puffs of material that makes the mesh have a snowball or popcorn look. It is available in 10″ and 21″ width and only two colors right now: white and a red/white combination.


Snowball Mesh

 Wide Foil Deco Poly Mesh®

Wide Foil Deco Poly Mesh has strips of foil that are wider than the strips of foil in metallic poly mesh. The more foil in a product, usually the more expense. Wide foils come in all sorts of solid colors and patterns.


Wide Foil Deco Poly Mesh



Wide Foil Mesh – Foil in every weave of mesh


Deluxe Metallic Foil Deco Poly Mesh®

Most of the deluxe mesh just has more foil per roll. It may be a solid color with more strips of the narrow foil or stripes or it may even have a strip of foil in each weave. The deluxe foils and wide foils yield the best coverage as they are more dense and less see through. Deluxe mesh comes in all sorts of solid colors and stripes.


Deluxe Metallic Foil

This roll of red with lime green strip, has narrow strips of foil, they they are woven into each space of the poly.


Vertical Line Deco Poly Mesh®


Vertical Line Deco Poly Mesh

Vertical Line Deco Poly Mesh is an all poly, no foil product. The difference is, some of the strips in the mesh are wider than others. This gives the poly almost a nubby appearance and more texture. It covers better than just solid or two tone mesh. Vertical line mesh comes in several solid colors and sizes.

This style of mesh has been discontinued however, and once our supplies are gone we won’t be able to get any more unless it is revived by the company.


Deco Paper Mesh

Deco Paper Mesh is made of paper. It does have a coating on it that helps it to resist moisture somewhat, but it is still made of paper and should be used in areas well protected by the elements or used inside.

Paper mesh has a unique look with it’s thick weave. It resembles burlap in it’s texture and thickness.  Deco Paper Mesh comes in solids, checks and color combinations.


Deco Paper Mesh



Deco Paper Mesh



Crisscross Deco Paper Mesh

There is also a crisscross pattern in the paper mesh that gives it an almost Houndstooth look, especially in the black and white styles.


Poly Jute Mesh

Poly Jute Mesh is a combination of poly and jute thread. We have two styles (two different manufacturers) on Trendy Tree.


Poly Jute Mesh (Combination of poly and jute thread)

This image of the Poly Jute Mesh looks much like the paper mesh listed above. The weave is similar as is the thickness. It is made of poly with a jute thread woven in. Having both the properties of poly and jute make it a choice for outside projects. Our color choices are only the natural right now but hopefully other colors will be available soon.


Poly Jute Mesh (Combination of poly with jute thread)


This poly jute mesh is also a combination of poly with a jute thread woven in. It is available in several colors, but the jute thread is always the natural color.


Turquoise Poly with Natural Jute Thread


Cotton Windowpane Mesh

Cotton Windowpane Mesh is made from cotton fibers. It is a very open weave, has some stiffness to it and only comes in the 21″ width. It works best for indoor projects or in very well protected areas away from the weather. It works better to use this as a contrast or additional texture to a project rather than the basis of project.


Cotton Windowpane


Poly Burlap Mesh

Poly Burlap Mesh is a mesh product that resembles burlap in appearance but is made of poly. It looks very much like the Deco Paper Mesh and Poly Jute Mesh.


Poly Burlap (All synthetic poly material)

Poly Burlap Mesh comes in solid colors, patterns and several different sizes. Since it is made of all poly, it’s an excellent product to use outside. It is a bit stiffer and thicker than any of the other poly mesh products making it a little more difficult to handle due to it’s bulk. Poly Burlap Mesh resembles the Deco Paper Mesh and Poly Jute Mesh in it’s texture and weave.


Faux Burlap

Faux Burlap is a product made to resemble finer woven burlap, but is made of Polyester. It’s more like a fabric roll and works as a excellent contrast product in creations. It lays flat when rolled out which makes it nice for table decorations and chair tie backs. It is available in several colors and patterns and sizes. Some of the Faux Burlap has a metallic thread.


Faux Burlap


Faux Burlap with Metallic Thread


This isn’t by any means all the different products we stock at Trendy Tree, but they are the most common ones in the mesh line. We’re ask from time to time if we have samples and I’m sorry, but this isn’t something that is available right now. We have suggested to the manufacturer that they come up with a sample pack which would be extremely helpful to online buyers. It’s not always easy to choose a color based on what you see on a computer screen and we understand that.  Maybe we’ll have a sample pack some day in the future.

Just let us know anytime you have any questions and we’ll be happy to assist.




28 Responses to “Differences in Poly Mesh Products”

  1. Karen Allen says:

    I use a wood burner to cut my deco mesh to help prevent raveling. Will I be able to use the burner on the poly burlap as well?

    • JeanniePence says:

      I don’t know Karen, I’ve never used that tool. The strands are thicker than regular deco poly mesh so you would just have to experiment with it.

  2. violet littlejohn says:

    where can I buy 3 1/2″ wide deco polynet mesh ribbon

  3. Peggy Sue Wickberg says:

    Can the 10 ” ribbon rolls be used for leaves on flower

  4. heather corber says:

    hello! I make wreaths for fun and when I went to a fair I saw a few curly wreaths that were so perfect. mine did not look like hers at all! hers were at the exact length all the way around PERFECT! It looks so tight and no fly aways at all!!! what am I doing wrong? I watched about 97% of your tutorials but haven’t seen it like this crafters wreaths! thank you!

    • JeanniePence says:

      Hi. What kind of work wreath and mesh did you use?

      • heather corber says:

        Thank you for responding! It looked like just the regular poly mesh. And she used a med wreath form.I’m going to try and go by today and take pix if they let me!

        • JeanniePence says:

          Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that we could look at someone’s wreath and tell you how to make it. We don’t do that. When we make curly wreaths, we use 10″ wide mesh on 10 yard rolls and cut the lengths into 10″. We don’t recommend splitting a 21″ roll of mesh because the more cut edges you have, the more raveling. And the work wreaths we sell have the twists evenly spaced on them, so that’s why I asked what kind of wreath you were using. Didn’t know if you had one of our work wreaths or not. But with the twists already being on the wreath, it helps make everything come out nice and even. Typically we put three curls or three ruffles into each twist. Browse through our tutorials, we have several that were made with the curly technique.

  5. Amber Mcpherson says:

    Which burlap is best for the cut wreath. I bought the high density and tried it but it won’t lay flat. Also bought the mesh ribbon with jute and that isn’t working either Thanks

    • JeanniePence says:

      Are you trying to make a ruffle wreath or a pouf style?

      • Amber Mcpherson says:

        I guess u would call it a ruffle. She cuts different pieces burlap and grabs in middle. In dee,s crafts with Anna she calls it a cut wreath. Her burlap pieces looks stiff

        • JeanniePence says:

          Maybe she was using paper mesh, it has some stiffness to it. Here’s a link to our tutorials. Some we have used the ruffle method and you can see what it looks like when we use poly mesh, poly burlap or paper mesh.: https://www.trendytree.com/tutorials

          • Amber Mcpherson says:

            Thank you for ur help. I am trying to make a wreath like your ghost one. I bought the basic mesh ribbon with jute from hobby lobby. Will that work

          • JeanniePence says:

            I’ve never used their mesh but as long as it is the same size I don’t know why it wouldn’t work))

          • Amber Mcpherson says:

            Or would it be better to buy the type u used

          • JeanniePence says:

            I’m not sure which one of the ghost tutorials you are looking at, some we used 10″ mesh and some we used 21″. If we used 10″ mesh I would advise staying with 10″ mesh and not cutting a 21″ mesh in half or anything. The more cuts you have the more raveling you have.

  6. Nicole says:

    Do you have any tips to help with the fading? I know the sun exposure will greatly affect it, but I am making some for a fundraiser so I want whoever purchases them to get the most out of them. Thanks

    • JeanniePence says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. I’m sorry, but I don’t know of anything in particular that will help preserve the colors. I have heard from some customers that they use a floral preservative that they spray on the wreaths, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t say that it would help or not.

  7. Donna says:

    if u have a 12 inch frame what size mesh should u use .Want to make a smaller wreath.

    • JeanniePence says:

      We have our 24″ wreath forms which measures 15″ across. Our 10″ measures 10″ across so at least for a 10″ wreath I would use a mesh about 10″ in width. We don’t have a 12″ frame so I would probably use a 10″ mesh on it too.

  8. Cheri noonan says:

    How do I keep my mesh from unraveling when I cut for spiral wreaths?

    • JeanniePence says:

      I don’t know of any way to keep mesh products from raveling, they all do. The fewer cuts you make and the less handling helps. On making curls, cut your pieces long enough to be able to roll up so that the cut edges are on the inside pretty good.

  9. Thanks for the tutorial! I want to make a wreath, but not familiar with the variety of mesh available,was very hesitant to order online. Which meshes do you recommend for an outside door wreath in the (usually) wet Seattle weather?

    • JeanniePence says:

      I would go with a Deco Poly Mesh (all poly, or all poly and metallic foil). The poly mesh is resistant to water, but as with any plastic product, it will fade in the sunlight after a while.

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