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deco mesh wreath in turquoise, sunflower ribbon and house sign

Sunflowers and Pumpkin House Wreath Tutorial

deco mesh wreath in turquoise with sunflower ribbon, polka dot and striped ribbon and an autumn house sign

Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

Need a new fall wreath for your front door? This Sunflower and Pumpkin House wreath kit is in stock right now and super easy to make! 

Carrie and Taalor made this wreath a few days ago on a Facebook live and you can watch the replay right here.


Wreath Kit

Sunflower and Pumpkin House Fall Wreath Kit

Individual Products

TT-181 Exclusive Trendy Tree House Sign

XX7521140 24" Chocolate Metallic Pencil Wreath

RY820067 10.5" Turquoise White Snowball Metallic Mesh

XB90510-38b Chocolate Metallic Mesh

RX9149A2 Turquoise and White Stripe Ribbon

RGC171164 Sunflower Ribbon

RX9141J3 Yellow and White Stripe Ribbon 

RX9145KJ Orange and White Medium Dot Ribbon 

EZ Bowmaker

Basic Instructions

  • Cut 10" mesh into 20" pieces (takes two rolls of 10" x 10 yd mesh)
  • Place two ruffles or curls in each twist (24" wreath has 18" twists)
  • Cut ribbon strips in 13" lengths. 
  • Make a ribbon cluster out of four styles of ribbon and secure in each twist on top of ruffle.
  • Attach sign to wreath form using chenille stems. Punch holes in edge of sign to attach chenille stems, or attach using adhesive cable mounts.
  • Make a wreath bow. 
  • Fluff ribbons and trim tails as desired, angled cut or dove-tail. 
  • Check back to make sure no sharp edges are showing.
  • Clips frays instead of pulling.
  • Make a wreath hanger out of chenille stems, floral wire, or zip ties.

Remember you can always make a wreath uniquely yours by changing up colors, ribbons, or the sign. You can leave off the ribbon clusters if you wish and make more than one bow. 

Stay Tuned!

More wreath tutorials coming up! Here are some links to our more recent tutorials, but you can find all of then on the website under Tutorials. Have fun!

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