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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Spring Welcome Ruffle Wreath Tutorial

Spring Welcome Ruffle Wreath Tutorial

spring welcome wreath


Reposted 2/13/2021

Spring isn't quite here yet, but we can pretend it is by making this Spring Welcome Wreath.

Everything around here has been so wet and dreary, but just gathering the supplies for this ruffle wreath lifted my spirits!


Purchase Supply Kit: Spring Welcome Wreath Supply Kit Update: The kit has sold out.

Please note that the tutorial and video will be left up even after the specific supplies have sold out or are no longer available. You can always follow the instructions in this tutorial and pick out different mesh, ribbons or signs.

Individual Supplies

XX748837 24" Lime Green Work Wreath - 1

MD045638 12" Round Metal Welcome Daisy Sign - 1

RE130149 10" Moss Apple Lime Metallic Deco Mesh - 1

XB99010-09 10" Lime White Plaid Fabric Mesh - 1 41017-40-22 2.5" Checkerboard Print Plaid Yellow Fuchsia Lime Ribbon - 1 (not available on website, in kit only)

RG0167707 15" Fuchsia Raised Stitched Squares Ribbon - 1

CS3123PWH White Hydrangea Bush - 2

24073 Yellow Mini Daisy Bush - 2

Note: The exact products we use in tutorials will many times have sold out on the website and may have been discontinued. We have so many new products each season that it is impossible to continue stocking old designs. The product links will take you to overall collections so that you can search for the exact product and if not available, pick out an alternate. 

Suggested Tools

Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter

Ribbon Cutting Boards

Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Holder from Susie’s Wreath Shop

EZ Bowmaker

7" Electric Skillet (Amazon)

Gorilla Glue Sticks (Amazon)

You will also need scissors, something to measure with, wire cutter, chenille stems or zip ties.

Skillet and Hot Glue

Prepare your hot glue using the skillet and Gorilla glue sticks before you get started so your glue will have time to melt. You can also use a glue gun. Watch the hot glue carefully and don't let it get too hot. Once your project is finished, just leave the hot glue in the skillet, let it cool and replace the lid. Cords on electric skillets are very short and hot glue is very hot! Be extra careful when working with hot glue. You can do all the right things and still get will happen!

Wreath Form

We made the Spring Welcome Wreath on a 24″ green Work Wreath. The 24″ wreaths at Trendy Tree measure 15″ across the widest ring. This results in a wreath that measures 24″ or greater in width, depending on the products you put on the wreath. You could use a Work Wreath or Pencil Wreath for this project, or even a different color. If you wish to hide the twist, just tuck them to the inside when you are finished.

Deco Mesh

We used two styles of mesh for the Spring Welcome Wreath. You will notice that there is a difference in the mesh. One mesh was a 10" metallic Deco Poly Mesh in moss, apple, lime green. The second mesh was Fabric Mesh in lime green and white.

The Fabric mesh has Polyester and jute in it which gives it more of a fabric feel. It's a little more expensive than the metallic mesh. We chose to use the metallic mesh on the bottom layer and put the "prettier" mesh on top.

The Fabric Mesh is so nice, we decided we would not do ribbon strips for this wreath and just show off the mesh! Cut strips of mesh 20″ in length.

A 10-yard roll of mesh should yield 18 pieces of mesh 20″ in length. If a piece falls up shorter than, it will not be noticeable at all. Cut 18 pieces of each style of mesh.


Make a ruffle by scrunching up through the middle of the mesh. Secure the ruffle in a twist. We made our wreath by placing the metallic mesh on the bottom and the fabric mesh on top.

ruffle wreath, wreath tutorial


Make your second ruffle the same way and open the twist and lay the second ruffle on top of the metallic mesh ruffle.

Secure the twist with just a couple of turns. We decided to experiment with the ruffles for the Spring Welcome Wreath and tested to see if we could scrunch up both layers of mesh at the same time.

It was quite a handful, but it worked! It's a great way to save a little more time too. Make the ruffle with the two layers and secure them in a twist.

Fluff out the two layers to separate them a bit. Work all the way around the outer ring and then the inner ring placing two ruffles in each twist.

Welcome Sign

The Welcome sign is made of metal and measures 12" It already has a hole at the top and bottom for securing to the wreath. Insert a full length chenille stem into each hole and secure to the Work Wreath frame.

You could also use zip ties or floral wire.

attach sign to wreath


Find the placement for your sign and position so that you don't bury the sign down in the mesh.

You want it sitting more on top. Secure the sign lightly first until you are sure of your placement. It's harder to remove and adjust.


spring welcome wreath


Once the sign is secure, wrap the ends of your chenille stems around the wreath frame just to make the back neater.

Make a loop hanger using a chenille stem, zip tie or floral wire.


loop hanger, attach sign to a wreath

Wreath Bow

We chose two ribbons for our wreath bow and used the E-Z Bowmaker. You can tie a free-handed bow, use the ProBow or Bowdabra.

The bow measured about 12" in width and tails were about 16"


ez bowmaker, wreath bow, make a bow


There was ribbon left over from each style. You can add ribbon to a wreath in many different ways.

Since we were adding florals to the Spring Welcome Wreath, we elected to just make a simple bow. If you prefer, you can can ribbon strips, bows, loops and tails.


wreath bow, spring welcome wreath


Don't you just love re-purposing and getting more use out of a product. I do!

The white Hydrangeas were left over from my Christmas tree. We placed about 16 or so blooms on the wreath.

Practice on placement before dipping the stem in hot glue. Be sure to check the back of your wreath when finished in case you need to shorten any floral stems that are sticking to far out the back. Use your wire cutters.

The white Hydrangeas and yellow mini daisies were placed randomly around the wreath.


The ruffle technique is one of the easiest wreaths to make especially for beginners.

The ruffles are all the same size and usually come out nice and even.

Don’t forget, if the specific products we used on the Spring Welcome Wreath have sold out, you can always pick out different colors and styles of mesh. Just stay with a 10″ mesh product.

We do not recommend splitting 21″ wide mesh to make 10″ ruffles. The more cuts you have in mesh, the more unraveling results.


spring wreath

Thanks for visiting our blog and bring a little bit of spring into your home today!


We are looking forward to spring and sunshine!

If you have any questions or comments, just leave us a note. We love hearing from our readers and we're eager to provide the tutorials you are interested in.

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