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flower wreath tutorial with poly burlap mesh

Cream Flower Wreath Tutorial with Poly Burlap Mesh

flower wreath tutorial with poly burlap mesh

Deco Poly Burlap Flower Wreath

Have you ever wanted to make one of those gorgeous flower wreaths? Well just check out this video tutorial by Julie Oxendine, Julie's Wreath Boutique. You can watch it on YouTube right below.


The kit with supplies has already sold out I'm afraid, but there are plenty styles of Poly Burlap in stock.

Poly Burlap Mesh

Some poly burlap is called two-tone and has a tweed like look. 

Checked Poly Burlap

This poly burlap is more of an open weave product, there are several solid and two-tone colors to choose from.

To make a wreath on a 12" form, you only need one roll of solid color poly burlap and one of checked or open weave poly burlap for the leaves. You could make the leaves out of a solid green also.

Flower Centers - We have several different styles and colors.

12" Wire Form - These are sold out at this time, but more are on order.

Remember if you choose a difference size of form, you would need more petals for a larger form and less for a smaller one. One roll of 10" x 10 yard poly burlap usually yields about 35-36 pieces that are cut 10" in width.


The only other supplies you will need are zip ties, wire cutters, plastic canvas mesh, and a piece of felt if you wish to cover the back of the wreath. 

Poly burlap lends itself well to cutting with a hot knife, but you can use scissors too. Cutting with a hot knife does help reduce fraying.

Here my Amazon link for a hot knife.


Many thanks to Julie Oxendine, Julie's Wreath Boutique, for sharing her wreathing skills with us. Julie is an excellent teacher and makes simply beautiful wreaths. 

Wreaths are not her only projects though! Check out Julie's Wreath Boutique on YouTube and catch some of her other crafting videos. She puts out a new project each week on Sunday evening. 

Here are some links to follow Julie.

Facebook page: Julie's Wreath Boutique

Instagram: julieswreathboutique

YouTube: Julie's Wreath Boutique

Pinterest: Julie's Wreath Boutique

And if you want to learn more about the business end of wreath making, selling online, social media, and Etsy....check out Julie's Biz Boutique. Just follow her Facebook page to learn more and to contact. 

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