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2017 Eucalyptus & Cotton Wreath Tutorial


Eucalyptus and cotton….a great way to welcome guest all year long. This wreath works for spring the late fall, and even after that you could remove the cotton, add a different bow and continue right on through the year.


G5152 Faux Eucalyptus Wreath

FH7779 Cotton Sprays- 5

RW6385NA 4″ Open Weave Jute Camo Ribbon (sold out on website, but 2.5″ available)

SS13907 2″ Natural/Cream Burlap Ribbon

RG1647W1 2.5″ Bold Fall Plaid Ribbon

Kits containing all the supplies have sold out.

Please Note: We will leave this tutorial up even after some or all of the exact supplies we used sell out, since the basic instructions can be followed and other products used.


The Faux Eucalyptus Wreath is made on a twig base that measures about 14″ in diameter. Once the Eucalyptus limbs are spread a little, your overall width is closer to 24″  The cotton sprays were about 15″in length and five were used. They were attached around the inside of the wreath using floral wire. The sprays are wired so you can position the cotton bolls as desired.

A bow was made using three different ribbons using a simple loop technique.

Ribbon strips were cut about 35″ in length. Four loops were made with the camo ribbon and four loops fall plaid ribbon.

Only two loops were made with the natural/cream stripe ribbon. Floral wire was used to hold each bow together, then the three bows were stacked together with additional wire. Layers were camo, fall plaid and the natural/cream on top.

The bow was secured to the wreath with floral wire and a hanger made from a chenille stem. By wiring the cotton sprays in, this would make this wreath great for re-purposing for another season or occasion, along with adding a different bow.

This Faux Eucalyptus wreath could be decorated in a number of ways with different florals and choices of ribbons for a bow is virtually unlimited. Again, it was an easy wreath to make and being faux Eucalyptus, there is no smell! Some people love the smell of Eucalyptus but not everyone for sure.


It is a very realistic looking wreath for an artificial and I love the thought of using it over and over and just changing up the embellishments for a different look.


This front door just says……”come in! have a glass of iced tea!”










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