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What Colors go with Orange?

What Colors go with Orange?

Part 3 Color Combination Series

what colors go with orange?


These orange color suggestions come from Stephen Thompson, local designer.

Please see Part I for more information about the color combination cheat sheet that this information is taken from. 

My goal for this post is just to choose some Trendy Tree products together that might give you ideas based on these color suggestions. The possibilities are just limitless!

what colors go with orange?


Fall just screams for orange!

what colors go with orange?


It's hard to think of colors that go with orange, without thinking about Halloween! 

Black and orange are classic for Halloween, but purple and lime have become standard Halloween colors too. 

 what colors go with orange?


Here's a wreath that we made several years ago (our technique has improved for sure) but I still love the denim mesh with the orange accent in the bittersweet branches and butterflies.

denim wreath with orange bittersweet and butterflies


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Be sure and check back soon. We have more color combinations coming up with some product suggestions.

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