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Cupid Valentine Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

Cupid Valentine Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

cupid ruffle wreath tutorial


Valentine Wreath

This is a re-post of a tutorial we did in 2019, but you can still get the Cupid Wreath Decor Kit and just pick out different ribbons and mesh. We'll give you some suggestions.

Looking to make an easy Valentine wreath for your front door? Well look no more! This one is easy peasy.

Note: The kit mentioned in this video has sold out. But you can follow the same directions and pick out other products. 


Product listed may not be exactly what we used, but similar.

XX748827 24" White Work Wreath (You could also use, pink or red)

HV9098 Cupid Wreath Decor Kit

RE850211 10.25 Hot Pink Border Mesh

RY810063 10.5 Pink Cotton Drift Mesh

RGA193724 2.5" Red White Polka Dot Ribbon

RGA1680WT 2.5" Pink White Check with Truck Ribbon

RGA138915 1.5" Pink Red White Metallic Dot Ribbon

RG887224 1.5" Red Glitter Ribbon

Note: These supplies are not the same used in the video, but should yield a similar result. We have many other ribbons and mesh products to choose from also.


24" Wreath

Our 24" wreaths measure 15" across the widest frame, they typically have 18 twists on each wreath. We used a white wreath, but you could use red, white or pink work wreath or pencil wreath.


We used two different styles of mesh for this wreath doing the ruffle technique. 

Cut pieces of mesh in 15" length. Cut 18 pieces from each style of mesh. It won't quite take all of two rolls to make this wreath, but one roll is not enough.

Layer the mesh ruffles by placing two ruffles in each twist. You can alternate the styles of mesh or put one color on the bottom and the other color on top. 

My preference is to put the prettiest or most expensive mesh on top.


We chose four styles of ribbon, two 2.5" and two 1.5" widths. You can add your ribbon to your wreath in several different ways: strips, loops, small bows, large bows or any combination.

Cut the ribbon strips 12" in lengths and finish the ends with a chevron (fishtail) cut on the 2.5" ribbons and an angled cut on the narrow ribbons.

Also do a ribbon test on the length before you cut up all the ribbon tails. You might light your tails 13." Experiment to see how you like your cluster first, then cut the ribbon.

Create a cluster of ribbons using all four styles, just layering them with a 2.5" then a 1.5" etc.

Attach the ribbon cluster by opening the twist, and reclose with 3-4 turns.

Spread your ribbons out. You'll have to fluff your ribbons when you are finished also along with clipping any strings from the mesh.

Mesh unravels, regardless of what kind you use or how you make your wreath. The more cuts you make in the mesh, the more unraveling.

You can also make the ruffle by rolling each end of the mesh a little bit and then gather. This helps keep the raw ends turned under.

Cupid Pieces

The cupid pieces are made of polyester, so get an idea where you want to place your items before securing. The pieces will hang up on the mesh and the wires are small and easy to get tangled in the mesh.

Once you have decided on your placement, use the wires on the pieces to secure to the work wreath frame, or for the smaller pieces you may want to secure to an adjacent twist.

Make a hanger on the back of your wreath using a chenille stem, floral wire or zip ties.

It helps to put the hanger on before you start lining up your cupid pieces so you can stay centered on your wreath.

You will have a few yards of mesh left over, along with some ribbon. If you like, you can make a large bow with the left over ribbon.


If the Cupid Wreath Decor Kits have sold out, you could use a cute Valentine sign also. Here's a couple to choose from.



Happy Valentine's Day!

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