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Tulle Valentine Wreath Tutorial

Tulle Valentine Wreath Tutorial

tulle valentine wreath, easy diy wreath
Updated Blog Post 12/14/20

Valentine Wreath 

A tulle Valentine wreath is so easy to make! No wreath making skills needed. No bow making skills needed. All you need is a little time. This wreath takes a little longer to make than your typical ruffle wreath or pouf technique.


Products will be available in a kit, while supplies last: 2020 Tulle Valentine Wreath Kit

Individual Supplies (or you can choose alternative colors):

XX764924 18" Red Metallic Pencil Heart Wreath Form

RC127707 6" Fuchsia Glitter Tulle - 2 Rolls

RC126611 6" Shocking Pink Tulle

RC126623 6" Purple Tulle

RG0183711 1.5" Hot Pink Jelly Ribbon (sold out)

RG01837EX 1.5" Poppy Red Jelly Ribbon

30048090 Arrow (sold out on website) Other Valentine signs available.


Cutting Mat Ribbon Cutting Boards FastenPro Three Way Staple Gun


Wreath Form

The 18" pencil heart wreath form has about 26" twist ties. With the addition of the materials the finished tulle Valentine wreath measured about 27-28"

The heart form is available in metallic red and non-metallic red.


Tulle measured 6" in width and 25 yards in length. One roll of each color was used of the shocking pink, purple and glitter fuchsia.

A second roll of glitter fuchsia was cut and used to fill in for complete fullness.

You could probably get by with just one roll of each color by spacing the tulle out a bit more. If you do that, you might want to space out on the outer ring and have plenty to make the inner ring full.

Cut the tulle into 12" lengths and tie on to the wreath form using a slip knot. Just fold the tulle in half, insert the folded end under the metal ring, slip your fingers through the loop and pull the tails through.

Tighten the knot gently by pulling close to the knot and not out by the tails. Pulling by the tails will make them uneven.

tie on tulle

Complete the outer ring and add the ribbon cluster. Next, move to the inner ring and continue the same pattern.

Jelly Ribbon

Jelly ribbon is a little different to work with. The ribbon is made in beautiful clear, sparkling colors, but it is a little thicker and harder to work with.

The jelly ribbon is wired. Cut the jelly ribbon into 12" lengths for the tulle Valentine wreath. I just cut the ends at an angle.

Make a ribbon cluster using one piece of the pink and one of the red. Attach a ribbon cluster to each twist.

jelly ribbon cluster

Finish the wreath by adding tulle to the inner ring and ribbon clusters.

Covering Up the Twist

Tie on tulle pieces right on top and/or in between the twist to cover up the area where the twist are attached to the metal frame.
tulle valentine wreath


This may be overkill, but you don't want that part to show. You can curl the tips of the twist if you like, or just leave them straight.

tulle, cover up twist


Add chenille stems to the back of the arrow using a heavy duty stapler. Use the chenille stems to attach the arrow to the tulle Valentine wreath.

Just work your fingers through to the metal ring and secure from the back. Clean up the back of the wreath by snipping off the chenille stems or wrap around the frame.


Fluff the ribbons and make sure all your tulle ties are straight. You may have to trim the tulle a bit if the "V" has become blurred. Trim any uneven tails.

Make a hanger for the tulle Valentine wreath using chenille stems or zip ties. Clean up your work area.

Told you that glitter tulle is messy!

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tulle valentine wreath, easy diy wreath

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