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Make a Valentine Bow out of Scrap Ribbon

Make a Valentine Bow out of Scrap Ribbon

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This post is an update for a quick and easy Valentine bow that was previously filed as a Facebook live a few years ago. The video has been edited to make it quicker to watch. (Initial post was done in 2017)


Valentine Decorating

Valentine is such a short period of time to decorate for sometimes all you need is a quick door hanger and a Valentine bow. This video will show you how to use up scrap ribbon to make a pretty bow.


The heart door hangers you will see in the video are no longer available, but don't fret, we have new ones! We have several heart shaped signs that are perfect for hanging on your door with just a quick Valentine bow.

Here's a couple just for ideas:

metal heart door hangers


metal heart sign


metal heart sign

metal red and white heart sign

For more hearts and Valentine decorations, browse this category: Seasonal >



The Valentine bow is a great way to use up ribbon scraps. If you have a piece as long as 20" or so, you can use it for a loop.

You don't have to use matching ribbons, just pick out some that compliment each other. Use 1.5" and 2.5" widths.

Browse through your leftover Christmas ribbon! You'll be surprised of what you will find that you might be able to use - solid red, black, white or pink; polka dots; stripes - anything goes!

If you need ribbon for your Valentine bow, we have you covered. Just browse the Valentine ribbon category for choices.

Here's a link: Ribbon > Valentine

Don't forget to check out other categories for contrasting ribbon for your Valentine bow. You can use stripes, solids, other patterns, checks, plaids, polka dots.

Don't be afraid to be bold!


A Valentine door hanger with a pretty bow is a perfect spot of decoration for the holiday. And, you could place in on a mantel, on a bookshelf, or use an easel and if had rather have it in the living area than on the front door.

Once you make the easy Valentine bow, you'll find more uses for bows like these. They are great for adorning wreaths, centerpieces, as lantern toppers and more.

So hang on to those short ends of ribbon that you thought you would never find a use for!

Here's a couple more post on bow making:

Hand Tied Funky Bow

Outdoor Velvet Ribbon Wreath Bow

Carrot Door Hanger Bow using Bowdabra

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