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Valentine Arrangement with Jelly Ribbon Hearts

Valentine Arrangement with Jelly Ribbon Hearts

valentine arrangement, jelly heart, jelly ribbon


Valentine Arrangement

We all need a touch of red hearts for Valentine's Day. This Valentine arrangement wasn't an original idea. I saw the idea on Pinterest but wasn't able to track down the details.

I decided to go for it, and figure out the details later. Do any of us have an original idea anymore? With Pinterest it's see one, do one. But the jelly ribbon for the hearts was a little original don't you think)))



13342DKGN Green Twig Bush (sold out, but 

61908NAT might work)

RG01838EX 2.5" Poppy Red Jelly Ribbon

RG01837EX 1.5" Poppy Red Jelly Ribbon

RG0183711 1.5" Hot Pink Jelly Ribbon (Sold out)

XA1227 Bag of Faux Snow

Peter's Pottery Iced Tea Pitcher ( A gift from Carrie)

jelly ribbon heart


Ad Tech Hot Glue Gun from Amazon

Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks 4" from Amazon

Twig Branch

The twig branch in the Valentine arrangement comes in a dark green color. Now you can use a natural branch, but the twig branch has wired limbs which makes it nice for adjusting. 

My initial thoughts were to paint the branch white, but no white spray paint was handy so I had to settle for black.

This twig bush is now sold out, but just browse for a twig or branch. I think 

61908NAT would work. You might try stripping off the leaves or leaving them. Just a thought))


green twig bush, jelly ribbon


Spray paint the twig bush the color of your choice, or you could leave it in the natural green.


Carrie gave me this white Peter's Pottery Iced Tea Pitcher a while back and it's one of my favorite pieces. White is such a perfect color for any occasion.

Did you know that Peter's Pottery is made right here in the small town of Mound Bayou in the Mississippi Delta?

Peter's Pottery was founded in 1998 by the Woods brothers and they have a very interesting story. Talk about making a business out of about making it out of Mississippi mud!

Place Styrofoam in the pitcher. My arrangement is not intended to be permanent so I didn't use any hot glue to secure the Styrofoam in the pitcher for the Valentine arrangement.

You can use Faux Snow which is a plastic sort of Spanish moss to cover up the Styrofoam. You could also use Easter grass, paper shred, Spanish moss or something like that.

Jelly Hearts

Cut assorted sized hearts from the jelly ribbon.

You can cut the hearts free hand or use a pattern downloaded from the internet. If you really want to get fancy and have everything symmetrical, use a vinyl cutter.

Of course, you couldn't use a vinyl cutter for the jelly ribbon, but you could use a heart shaped punch from Amazon.Affiliate link included.

Since I didn't have any handy tools for cutting out hearts, I made a couple using the pattern and then just free-handed cut the rest.

They don't have to be perfect for the Valentine arrangement! Use a drop of hot glue to attach the jelly ribbon hearts to the twig branches.

Just hold them for a few seconds to dry. The twigs of the branch are wired so you can manipulate them easily.

valentine arrangement


Updated original post of 12/14/20

The Valentine arrangement was a quick and easy project. Love the jelly ribbon hearts)))

I'm already thinking about an Easter tree.....jelly ribbon Easter eggs. Or, Easter eggs cut from Easter ribbon...the wheels are turning!

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