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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Versatile Spring or Easter Lantern Tutorial

Versatile Spring or Easter Lantern Tutorial

spring lantern Versatile spring lantern that will serve you through Easter, and all the way to fall. I love decorating with lanterns! They are a perfect spot of decoration for your home if you don't want to go all out decorating for a holiday. This lantern is a great piece for Easter because Rachel decorated it so that the Easter eggs can be popped out, and the carrot removed from the top of the lantern. Viola! What you have left is a spring lantern with pretty florals, a bird nest and cheerful bow. Here's how she did it.


A51240 15" Black Metal Lantern (yes, Rachel painted it) F3902184 RAZ Bird Nest with Egg 61420PASTEL Bag of 12 Pastel Easter Eggs 30356PK Pink Baby's Breath 62613ORWT 14" Orange White Check Fabric Carrot RGA1765M6 2.5" Yellow Pink Green Watercolor Stripe Ribbon You will also need Styrofoam, hot glue, floral picks, 18 gauge floral wire, stem cutters.

Our Favorite Tools (Amazon)

7″ Electric Skillet (Amazon) Gorilla Glue Sticks (Amazon) Flower Bush Cutter Steelpix Machine 2 1/8″ Steel Floral Picks Spanish Moss Styrofoam Blocks 4" Wired Wood Picks

The Lantern

The lantern in this spring lantern tutorial was a black silver distressed metal lantern that was stock back in the fall for Christmas and winter decorating. Rachel wanted to freshen the look a bit for spring and spray painted it with a copper rose gold metallic color. The lantern is only $20 so it's not a,'s just an inexpensive lantern! It has no glass, which is nice because you can place florals in it and just let them branch out from the lantern for a casual look. Rachel put two coats of paint on the lantern and I think already has plans to change its color for the next project. spray paint lantern to desired color The spring lantern measures about 6.75" in width and 14-15" in ht.


Rachel cut a piece of Styrofoam to place in the bottom of the lantern and secured it with hot glue. secure Styrofoam You can't see it in the image or video, but Rachel uses a simple electric skillet and Gorilla glue sticks. Just melt the glue sticks and keep the temperature low. When your project is finished, just turn off the skillet and let it cool. Next project, reheat and use again.

Bird Nest with Egg

The RAZ bird nest with egg was the first thing to go in the lantern. The stem was cut with a bush cutter or you could use heavy duty wire cutters. Secure the nest in the Styrofoam letting the tendrils of the branch fall out through the sides of the lantern. All the pieces of the branch are wired for easy shaping. raz bird nest with egg

Easter Eggs

In the next step Rachel placed a wooden floral pick in the foam Easter Eggs. She used about three eggs. You can put a bit of hot glue on the eggs for extra security if needed. Secure the picked eggs in the Styrofoam. Rachel decorated this spring lantern with the thought that it might be used on a coffee table or somewhere where it could be viewed from all sides. easter eggs, bird nest

Pink Baby's Breath

Cut the stems of the baby's breath and insert pieces in the Styrofoam. You can use a Steelpix machine if needed. You can also add hot glue to the tips of the stems before inserting them. The picks on the Steelpix machine are a bit jagged and hold very well in the Styrofoam. But if you have any doubt about a piece's security, just dab with a bit of hot glue. baby's breath, pink flower, spring lantern, easter lantern

Spanish Moss

Cover the mechanics (Styrofoam) of the spring lantern with Spanish Moss. Use floral pins or hot glue to secure the Spanish moss to the Syrofoam. Be sure to cover from all sides. You can make your own floral pins by snipped about a 2" piece of floral wire and bending into a "U" shape.

Fabric Carrot

Tie the fabric carrot on with a bit of raffia to the top of the spring lantern. If you don't have raffia, use a bit of ribbon, or floral wire. attach fabric carrot to spring lantern Secure the carrot to the lantern separately from your bow, so that you can easily remove it after Easter.

Watercolor Stripe Ribbon Bow

Make a bow using 2.5" ribbon. Rachel chose to just use one style of ribbon for this lantern. Make a simple loop bow by hand, or you can use a bowmaker like the E-Z Bowmaker, Bowdabra or Probow. watercolor ribbon, free hand bow, hand tied bow This simple striped bow only had two loops on each side and two tails. Easy peasy! Secure bow with floral wire and attach it to the top of the lantern. Again, since the carrot was tied on separately from the bow, you can remove it easily after Easter without disturbing your bow.

All Done!

spring lantern, easter lantern Want to see more spring tutorials? Here you go! Easter Basket Centerpiece Twig Easter Egg Wall Hanging Milk Bucket with Carrots *Disclosure: (Jeannie Pence) The Trendy Tree blog and social media post may generate some income (Jeannie Pence) through affiliate links, sponsored post or general advertising. Trendy Tree only works with companies we trust and personally use. Affiliate links may result in a small commission based on a click-through or referral fee paid by the seller. It is a form of advertising.
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