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Easter Basket Centerpiece


Easter will be here soon! Spice up a pre-made floral just by adding a few sprigs and a bow!



Metal Easter basket with greenery and Easter eggs. This product sells just as it it above which is fine, you can use it without adding anything extra. But we wanted to dress it up a bit. Add a little color. Add a little bow.

Mixed Purple Lavender Bush


Pink Gyp Bush


Emerald White Check


Lavender Rose Floral Ribbon


The lavender and pink bushes just added a little more color and texture to the arrangement. The stems were clipped apart from the bush and placed evenly around the inside of the container into the Styrofoam. No hot glue was used, since this is just going to sit on my table and it’s not for sale or anything.

If you were making something like this to sell, I would always secure with hot glue. All the stems of both bushes were used. A small loop bow of about 4-5″ was made using the 2.5″ ribbon and the 1.5″ ribbon. The bow was attached to the side of the basket.

After Easter, the eggs can be pulled out, and the arrangement used a while longer. Love to re-purpose things! The container can be used year round as far as that goes. Farmhouse look…just change out the florals when you get tired of them)))