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Orchids -  Real or Fake?

Orchids - Real or Fake?

Orchids Orchids on my desk - real or fake? They are real! I've never been one to have any luck with potted plants, so I don't know how long they will last. I will enjoy them for the duration though. Someone saw them on my desk the other day and asked if they were real. It's really hard to tell actually. Fake or permanent orchids are so lifelike. Sometimes you're not sure even after you touch them! I have enjoyed these so much, that once they are gone, I think I'll add some artificial ones to the same pot.))) No one will ever know the difference but me! orchids real or fake

Care of Orchids

I did a little reading to see how to take care of my orchids and honestly, it sounded like too much work! Carrie gave me these orchids for Mother's day and they still look just like they did the day they were delivered. I'll have to admit, it's been nice having a daughter with a retail store that sells fresh flowers))) Sometimes I'm on the receiving end at the end of the week when there are leftover flowers and I'm loving it!

City Mercantile

Carrie recently combined her Trendy Tree retail store and City Mercantile business into one store in downtown Pontotoc, MS.

City Mercantile & The Twig

She carries so many neat products and gift items in the store. You'll find products from the Trendy Tree website of course, like ribbon, florals, signs, and some tabletop decor. But she also has Coontown Pottery, tee shirts, and other great gifts from Properly Tied out of Oxford, MS. They do fresh flowers for happy occasions. They also create permanent arrangements and will be happy to use your piece of pottery or container and add beautiful florals to it.

Park Hill Candles

Park Hill candles is another great line that she carries. They have the best candles! There is one on my desk burning right now. So I have orchids and candles. They both make working at my desk a little more fun.)) I absolutely love the fragrance of my Park Hill candle. It's a clean, lightly citrus scent. It's called Citrus Grove and even my husband commented on nice it smelled. Seriously, my husband never notices anything like smells, unless it's bad! He thought the house smelled clean. Hey, it works for me! The candles do burn a really long time and I'm on my second candle now. I'm also experimenting with another scent called Summer Pastures. It has a bit of a grass smell, a little softer scent. But Citrus Grove still ranks #1 with me so far. Next on my list is a lemony fragrance, I can't remember the name just now, but I'll check next time I run by the store. Hey, maybe I could be their official "candle tester." park hill candles, city mercantile The candles are in a glass jar inside either a metal olive bucket or a wicker container. Now, don't ask me why it's called an olive bucket. It's a little metal can with slots in it. When it's empty it will make a cute container for inside or outside eating. You could tuck napkins or silverware in it. Check out the City Mercantile website. You'll find great gifts for Father's Day from Duke Cannon. The Duke Cannon product line has a very interesting story. We'll save that for another blog post on another day.))) But anyway, back to caring for orchids. House plants can be easy to care for but it's just not something I've ever been good at. Overwatering is a common problem. Even Carrie warned me not to overwater the orchids. So I thought I would take the easy way out on watering my plant. Oh, the pottery that my orchids are in? It's Coontown Pottery, made in Oxford, MS, and sold at City Mercantile & The Twig. I just laid a few ice cubes in the pot. We'll see how that works. orchids Thanks for visiting our blog, we do appreciate it! If you have any questions or comments just let us know. Drop a comment and let us know you visited! We love hearing from our customers! Let us know what kind of content you would most like to see. We do a lot of tutorials of course, but sometimes we take a break from crafting and I'm allowed to just rattle on like today.)))
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