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Upscale Farmhouse Decor


The new Trendy Tree store is open! Yayy!!! Today we’re going to take a look at upscale farmhouse decor.

Upscale Farmhouse: Have you heard “farmhouse is gone” “farmhouse is out of style.” You’ve all heard these phrases and they mean different things to different people. So, you just have to take it with a grain of salt and decide what “farmhouse” means to you.

For me, it means simple, comfortable, clean lines. It is uncluttered spaces. Fresh paints, natural light, wood and iron. Minimal antiques and comfy furniture.

Farmhouse doesn’t have to rustic, we don’t live in a barn. You want to be able to walk your house and say…..ahhhh I’m home.

We love open living spaces. When working in the kitchen you’re not cut off from the rest of the family. Living areas where your family and friends can put their feet up and relax or hang around the kitchen island and talk.  Whether it be in the living area, bedroom, porch or sun room. Just overall comfy spaces that speak upscale farmhouse decor.

Here’s a little peek of some of the fresh farmhouse style home decor and Christmas decorations that we think you’ll love.

In this section, you will find many products that are great for everyday home decor and some Christmas decorations too. Here’s some close up images.


Table and Wall Decor: Tobacco baskets in dark wood stain and in a light whitewashed. We have several different sizes and styles – round and rectangular. The galvanized tin buckets and pitchers on the table are good for year round decorating. You can pot in a bunch of seasonal flowers or twigs. If you use fresh, you would have to use a glass or plastic liner.

Eucalyptus stems are very fashionable. These are faux Eucalyptus. The dried Eucalyptus scent can be overwhelming at times, so we go with the faux….hey…that rhymes)))

Lanterns of a dull gold color are great for year round display. The gold lanterns with glass candle holders are available only in the store right now, but other items in the image are all on the website.

The wood and glass terrarium (not a real terrarium) is great for a small spot of decorating. You can add succulents to the terrarium, candles, small pumpkins and gourds, Christmas balls and so forth. It’s a great item also to showcase something special at Christmas time. Or any time as far as that goes.

Have you noticed that we’re seeing more of the cone style tree decorations for 2019? Cone trees with round bottoms that sit on table tops or pedestal trees like these. These metal trees are from RAZ and sold as a set of three. They are different heights and have different textures of paint. Great combination of wood and metal with just a touch of rustic look along the edges. The combination of metal and wood lends itself to the upscale farmhouse look.

Ornaments: The Christmas ornaments from our upscale farmhouse section are a combination of natural frosty pinecones, white berries, white snowball pics, wood stars, small wood sign ornaments, and grey ball ornaments just to name a few!

Ribbon: The ribbons used were green, black white check and light naturals.

The Better Not Pout is a RAZ Christmas ornament. It measures about 5″ in width and is made of pine. The white background and bold print really makes the phrase stand out. A good warning for all who see it on your tree! The simple loop bow beneath the ornament gives a pop of fresh color.


The grey ball ornaments are also from RAZ. They are covered with fabric which is a nice change from glass or plastic. The ball ornaments are covered in strips of material either with tiny dots or stars. The grey balls are sold as a set of two on Trendy Tree. Ornaments measure about 4.”

Upscale farmhouse decor is all about textures – fabrics, wood, metal, glass. Combination these elements adds interest to whatever area you are decorating.

When you are picking out ornaments for your tree, grey might not be your first color choice, but they blend so nicely with the frosty snowball ornaments and natural elements of this tree. They are only $9.99 for the set of two which is a great price for that size ornament.

The Merry Christmas ornament is a large, galvanized tin decoration from RAZ. The large size of about 12″ makes this a real stand out decoration on the tree. It has a bit of rustic look to it, but it’s a style that can be used year after year. And it’s not breakable!

We all have glass ornaments that we treasure but sometimes it’s nice to have some decorations that you can “throw in the box” and not have to worry about so much. Not always….but sometimes)))

Snowballs, picks and garlands….you’ll find several styles to choose from at Trendy Tree. We have snowball ornaments in 4″ and 5″ and even “loose” snowballs to decorate with.

Snowball garlands and snowball picks are a great way to add to the natural theme of your tree. Combine with frosty pinecones, twigs or branches and sparkling white berry garlands.

This whitewashed grooved ornament from RAZ is another example of a combination of wood and glass. The whitewashed ornaments come as a set of three and measure about 7.5″ They are made of glass and have a wood top. They have an aged look and styles include a ball, kismet and finial. These ornaments make great gifts too. The set of three sells for $24.97.

Christmas ornaments don’t always have to be placed on a tree! You can suspend them over your dining table with ribbons from the light fixture. Hang ornaments from ribbon or plastic fishing line in front of your mirror.  Nestle ornaments on your mantel or table top in fresh aromatic greenery. Or displayed in a lantern. Sometimes they are just pretty laying round in a flat tray on your coffee table sprinkled with faux snow.

Hope you have enjoyed this little peek into upscale farmhouse decorating. It’s not everything from this collection of course, but gives you an idea to peak your interest. More coming, so check back soon!

If you’re ever close to the Pontotoc, MS area we would love for you to stop in a visit.

Leave us a comment if you enjoyed this post and would like to see more of the new store!



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