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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Vintage Easter Bucket Decoration

Vintage Easter Bucket Decoration

2/21/20 Update: This is a post from last year and the bunny buckets are no longer available, but several of the other supplies are. You could choose a similar bucket to fill. We'll show you some suggestions.

Easy Decorating

An easy way to have a spot of Easter decorations here and there, is to use these Vintage Easter Buckets from RAZ. They come as a set of took and have an old fashioned, vintage look.
bunny bucket, easter bucket, vintage easter, old fashioned easter bucket 3816058 RAZ Bunny Bucket Set of 2

Substitution Suggestion

3911273 RAZ Flower Market Bucket We filled the RAZ Bunny Buckets with crumpled newspaper and added some vintage Easter grass in straw color. You could use the buckets for flowers too or they are pretty just by themselves.

Easter Grass (sorry sold out)

XA1227 Faux Snow is white, made of plastic and a good substitution for Easter grass.

Easter Eggs

We used some simple Pastel Easter Eggs. The eggs com in a bag of 12 and measure around 2.5." Eggs are made of plastic and speckled like bird eggs in soft colors. The eggs were just laid on top of the grass. Nothing was secured with hot glue or anything. When I put something together to use at home, I usually like to be able to take it apart and store away or use the products for another project. The RAZ Bunny Buckets do have Happy Easter on them, but you could turn that around from view and use the buckets in a child's room for decoration. easter eggs

Raffia Carrots

We placed a Linen Raffia Carrot Bundle in the small bucket. The Raffia Carrot bundle was untied and used individually. carrots, easter eggs, easter decor Here are more raffia carrots that would work well for this project. Check our latest arrivals too! We have some adorable fabric carrots coming in any day now.

Chick Eggs

Another product for Easter that is just so this Chick Eggs in a Crate....three have hatched out!


Create a small bow using scrap ribbon. Small bows like this are a great way to use up scrap pieces of ribbon. We used ribbon from Trendy Tree, but it was all scrap ribbon. We have literally hundreds if not thousands of styles of ribbon to choose from! Just browse the Ribbon Category. Bows can be made so many ways and sometimes we use the ProBow, Bowdabra or the EZ Bowmaker. Today, we used the EZ Bowmaker. It's for sale on Trendy Tree and you can get one right here.
ez bowmaker, easty bowmaker, bowmaker, bow maker , easy bow ez-bowmaker Deluxe EZ Bowmaker
These RAZ Bunny Buckets filled with eggs or carrots are a perfect little spot of Easter decoration! This project is easy to do! More blog posts for Easter decorating: Easter Basket Centerpiece Milk Bucket with Carrots *This post contains affiliate links.
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