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Trendy Tree's New Home

In February this year, we moved our business from the shop adjacent to our home to a building in industrial park in town. It's an old metal building and still a work in progress.....but here's a few shots of our new space.....that is quickly filling up! Deco Flex Tubing in just about every color available from Craig Bachman along with four new "antique" colors. The antique colors have some black woven in and it really deepens and enriches the colors. New antiques are Royal Blue, Red, Purple and Turquoise. Racks of glass ornaments from Inge-Glas of Germany. Just a partial view. This is only a part of one row of Deco Poly Mesh® The rows are long and filled with mesh on both sides! Strange how so many look like the same color when you just see it from the end. All the boxes are numbered and each roll is pulled according to the SKU number.Extra cases are stored up very high. We have a tall rolling ladder to reach those. Never would I have believed that after being a nurse for 20+ years....that I would find myself up and down on a ladder (like those big rolling ladders you see at Lowe's and Home Depot) pulling mesh)) This is a section of the 2.5" and 4" mesh. More mesh. The green boxes contain our Old World Christmas Ornaments.....we have over 800 styles in stock.....quite an assortment! More mesh.....botanicals and jute really up high on the shelves. Work Wreaths in every color available.....just can't see them all in this shot. These racks were empty and ready for the shipment of RAZ that came in last week.........and yes.....we put them all to work no matter what size))))
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