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  • 6 Miles on the Tanglefoot Trail
    October 12, 2013 Jeannie Pence

    6 Miles on the Tanglefoot Trail

    Okay...okay......Carrie is keeping me honest here.......actually it was three miles one way....3 miles back.....but hey that's progress!! As a new baby boomer biker.....I'm proud of my progress)))) All week long my biking as been circling the building at Trendy Tree....

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  • Riding the Tanglefoot Trail
    October 5, 2013 Jeannie Pence

    Riding the Tanglefoot Trail

    This blog post isn't about crafting, or decorating, or new products. Sometimes you just have to take a break, clear your head and do something totally unrelated to the work that you do day in and day most recent...

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