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spring summer grapevine wreath with geraniums and hydrangeas

Spring Summer Grapevine Wreath Tutorial

grapevine wreath with pink and red geraniums and lime green hydrangea blooms


Wreath Tutorial

Good morning! Just sharing some ideas with you on how I decorated a grapevine wreath for my front door. Instead of repeating the information, here's a link to the the blog post on DIY Eucalyptus Wreath with Beautiful Blooms


The exact eucalyptus pieces that I used are not available on Trendy Tree, but I'll list some similar products that would work just as well. Everything else is still in stock at this time.

7618-1 18″ Natural Grapevine

Blooms & Greenery

30631RD Red Geranium Bush

24180 Dark Pink Beauty Geranium Bush

30334GN Lime Green Hydrangea Bush

13540GN Boxwood Bush (2)

62869 Eucalyptus Pick (you would probably need about 4, or you could use a garland and cut it into pieces)

SG26142-063 Eucalyptus Garland


983140-28 2.5″ Fuchsia Ribbon Satin


12″ Chenille Stems

MT1069 Straight Head Cutter

MT107230 Ribbon Scissors

8″ Electric Skillet from Amazon

Gorilla Glue Sticks from Amazon


The colors in this wreath are some of my favorite colors. And this wreath will work on my front door until fall if I choose to leave it that long))) Do you like changing out your front door wreath frequently? Me too!

spring summer grapevine wreath


 I was able to use some leftover pieces of florals from my "bin" I keep in my craft room. I'll bet you have the same kind of collection)) Never throw anything anything away I say. You'd be surprised how handy those leftover pieces can be sometimes. 

My wreath was sort of a re-purposed type wreath since I had found a bargain eucalyptus wreath at a discount place. I was able to take the pieces off the discount wreath and give them new life by adding in some fresh new florals and greenery. Re-purposing is fun! 

Now, most of the time when I'm crafting I try to avoid hot glue just so I can reuse items later in other projects. But for a grapevine wreath made with florals all around that is kind of hard to do.

Sometimes on grapevines, I make a floral bundle and just attach the bundle to the grapevine and add a bow. Or sometimes I just stick the floral stems down into the grapevine if it's not going to hand on a door outside. This makes it easy to change out for the seasons. Here are a couple of examples:

DIY Grapevine with Coffee Theme

Fall Grapevine Wreath

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Be sure to check out the Tutorials Page where you will find all sorts of wreath and arrangement tutorials by several very talented designer friends))

And hope on over to my personal blog Jeannie Pence and follow along as I write about my retirement lifestyle. I have more time now to craft and cook without the pressure of needing to get things done)))

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