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RAZ Video Tutorial Decorating the Aspen Sweater Christmas Tree

RAZ Video Tutorial Decorating the Aspen Sweater Christmas Tree


Excellent video tutorial by RAZ Imports demonstrating how to put together this gorgeous tree using products from the 2013 RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection. Just click on the image to see the video.

When we were at market in January of this year, the Aspen Sweater Collection just really captivated us. The collection is just chocked full of natural products with berries, snow, pine sprays along with whimsical snowmen and elves. The Aspen Sweater Collection gives a whole new meaning of snowmen with their furry hoodies and elves with knitted sweaters and stocking caps. Really a unique look for 2013. You can browse the the Aspen Sweater Collection here to see all the items we have from this collection. We'll pull out a few of the products Dusty used on this try and list them below so you can have a better look Enjoy the video!

F3302441-pine-berry-spray-tiny-tannenbaums RAZ Red Berry and Pine Spray

3302890-28-posable-elf-set-2 RAZ Aspen Sweater Elves
3316354-knit-candy-cane-ornament-set-2-aspen-sweater-collection RAZ Aspen Sweater Knitted Candy Canes
3316347-knit-ball-set-4 RAZ Aspen Sweater Knitted Ball Ornaments
3316358-knit-sweater-set-4-aspen-sweater-collection RAZ Aspen Sweater Knitted Scarf Garlands
3329151-snowman-hoodie-set-2 RAZ Aspen Sweater Snowmen in Hoodies
3323045-glittered-ball-aspen-sweater-collection-set-3 RAZ Aspen Sweater Glass Ball Christmas Ornament
x00412-40010-1003-black-red-print Red and Black Snowflake Pattern Ribbon

(This isn't a RAZ ribbon, but we chose it to stock with the Aspen Sweater Collection in mind. The color and style just seemed to be a perfect fit with the items from this category. It is 2.5" in width and 10 yards in length)

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