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RAZ Balloons on a Stand

Great new party decorations from RAZ that can be used over and over again! Metal balloons that are assembled on a stand. The set includes three different balloons ranging from 19" in ht to 25".
Balloons on a Stand from RAZ
The balloons are easy to assemble, just place each balloon in it's circular holder.
balloons on a stand
The base of all the balloons are 5" in diameter. Each balloon has metal "ribbons" that are flexible. The balloons are a plain solid color on the back. Balloons have a slight curved shaped. The 19" balloon is green with blue, yellow, orange, pink, and white stripes with blue, yellow an red polka dots. The width of the balloon is 8" and ht about 6 1/2" The 22" balloon is a golden yellow with a starburst like pattern in red; circles of white, blue, red, pink, green, and purple. Balloon width is about 7" and ht 8 1/2". The 25" balloon is blue (aqua like shade) with a flower like design in white, yellow, red, pink, purple and red dots. The balloon is 6 1/2" in width and about 12" in ht. From the RAZ Childhood Menagerie Collection Never throw away party decorations again! Great decoration for a child's room too.....but place out of reach of small children due to sharp edges.
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