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  • New Product  - Tissue Paper Pom Poms
    February 8, 2014 Jeannie Pence

    New Product - Tissue Paper Pom Poms

    A new product just arrived to Trendy Tree, just in time for your spring decorating. Tissue Paper Pom Poms. This bright colorful pom poms are available in two sizes: 12" diameter and 16". They are sold in pack of four...

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  • July 5, 2012 Jeannie Pence

    String Lights in Fresh Floral Arrangements

    String Lights that you can submerge in water! New from RAZ this year. Magically transform centerpieces or party arrangements with the addition of String Light. Adding String Lights will give a delicate glow even while temporarily submerged in water for...

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  • May 19, 2012 Jeannie Pence

    Fun New Product - Metallic Pencil Garland

    A fun new product just arrived to Trendy Tree. 25 foot lengths of metallic Pencil Garland. Eleven different bright shiny colors. The tinsel is soft to touch, wired and great to play with))) For your projects that is. The garland...

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  • February 24, 2012 Jeannie Pence

    Fun Easter Decorations

    Spring will soon be upon us which will bring green grass.....tulips....dogwood blossoms......and Easter. I was browsing through some photos today and saw several things that would make cute Easter decorations......always have to have something special for the little ones))) And,...

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  • January 7, 2012 Jeannie Pence

    Decorating Your Windows for Valentines

    Browsing on Pinterest this morning and ran across the cutest Valentine decoration and perfect project for kids to do, with a little assistance. This Valentine Garland was created by Anna at Noodlehead. Please visit her blog for more photos and...

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  • December 31, 2011 Jeannie Pence

    Welcome in the New Year!

    This stunning New Year's decoration was created by Cheryl Martin making the entryway to her home beautiful and exciting. Cheryl's blog "Cat's Holiday & Home Decor" is chocked full of great decorating ideas and lots more details about her New...

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  • December 23, 2011 Jeannie Pence

    Knitting Needle Ornament Tree by Diane at In My Own Style

    This stunning Christmas decoration was featured on Tip Junkie. It's an ornament tree created using the simplest of items! Simply slide the balls over a knitting easy can that be! This gorgeous idea came from Diane at Please...

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  • August 16, 2011 Jeannie Pence

    Deco Poly Mesh Cupcake

    Cupcake decoration made with deco poly mesh. This was my first project to use the 2 1/2" mesh ribbon, and adjustments had to be made along the way. The overall project turned out just fine though. This cupcake measures about...

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  • August 5, 2011 Jeannie Pence

    Make Lollipops from Balloons

    Aren't these just the cutest things! I love them! This wonderful decorating idea comes from Parents. The name of the article was Land o' Candy Birthday Party They really look like Chuba Pops don't they! Here are the instructions from...

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  • August 5, 2011 Jeannie Pence


    Lollipops.....who doesn't love them! Great for eating.....parties.....special treats.....and also great for decorating. Course, here at Trendy Tree, the only Lollipops we sell.....are the decorative kind.....sadly. But I was browsing around today....Pinterest has been my new way of relaxing! If you...

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  • July 24, 2011 Jeannie Pence

    Balloon Wreaths

    Need another craft project to use up your bits and pieces of ribbons and stuff? Here's a great looking one especially if you have birthday parties and summer celebrations coming up. This first photo is from "Catch My Party" blog....

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  • July 9, 2011 Jeannie Pence

    Deco Poly Mesh Ice Cream Cone!

    Huge ice cream cone made out of deco poly mesh! This is a Craig Bachman creation using a Work Wall Cone and a Work Ball. Poly mesh netting was worked in and out the twists as usual. The "sprinkles" on...

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