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RAZ 2013 Christmas Catwalk Collection

RAZ 2013 Christmas Catwalk Collection

christmas-catwalk-tree-table-top The 2013 RAZ Christmas Catwalk collection is chocked full of bling and glitz, but it also blends well with traditional reds and greenery as shown in this table top tree by RAZ. ITEMS USED FOR THIS TREE: (The items that we have stocked, or similar items, will contain a link) 3302458 Flocked Present Ornament 3314101 Purse Ornament (similar purse 3356404) 3314105 Purse Ornament 3314107 High Heel Ornament 3314110 Gem Drop Ornament 3316363 Purse Ornament 3316367 Shoe Ornament 3316432 Gem Drop Ornament 3319008 Catwalk Girl Ornament 3319009 Catwalk Girl Ornament 3319013 Sequined Ball Ornament 3319169 High Heel Shoe Ornament 3319170 High Heel Shoe Ornament 3319171 Boot Ornament 3319315 Sequined High Heel Ornament 3320018 Sunglasses Ornament 3320020 High Heel Ornament 3322865 Glittered Ornament 3326051 Animal Print Ball Ornament F3306917 Poinsettia F3306918 Poinsettia F3311947 Beaded Leaf Spray F3317600 Swirl Spray M3300260 5’ Pre-lit Tree in Urn Stand Present Ornament 3300702 Flocked Present Ornament 3302458 High Heel Ornament 3320020 Flocked Present Ornament 3338005 High Heel Ornament 3356405 Sequined High Heel Ornament 3319315 Sleigh 3314671 (similar sleigh 3214625) Here are more images showcasing the Christmas Catwalk Collection.
christmas-catwalk-hanger 3316374 RAZ Animal Print Coat Hanger Ornament
christmas-catwalk-mirror 3319168 RAZ Animal Print Hand Mirror
christmas-catwalk-ball 3326051 Animal Print Ball Christmas Ornament
christmas-catwalk-purse 3356404 Animal Print Purse Ornament
christmas-catwalk-boot 3338004 Christmas Boot Ornament
christmas-catwalk-legs 3316491 Poseable Ladies Legs
christmas-catwalk-animal-print-high-heel 3356405 Animal Print High Heel Ornament
christmas-catwalk-gold-hat 3202665 Glittered Gold Top Hat
christmas-catwalk-animal-print-ball-2 3326051 Animal Print Ball Ornament
christmas-catwalk-animal-print-glittered-present 3316430 Animal Print Glittered Present Ornament
christmas-catwalk-silver-hat-ornament 3302332 Glittered Hat Ornament Silver
christmas-catwalk-animal-print-high-heel-1 3316367 Animal Print High Heel Shoe Ornament
christmas-catwalk-animal--print-box 3302458 Flocked Animal Print Present Ornaments
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