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Outdoor Velvet Ribbon Wreath Bow Tutorial

Outdoor Velvet Ribbon Wreath Bow Tutorial

*Original post made 2019, updated Nov 2021

Wreath Bow Tutorial

Making a wreath bow using outdoor velvet ribbon was a first for me. Oh, I have tried in the past using cheap plastic ribbon but had pretty pitiful looking bows. As a result of my previous disappointment, I was pretty skeptical about trying again.


The ribbon was a basic Christmas Red in a 2.5" width with a 50 yard length and was specifically designed for outdoor use.

*Update - we're sold out of the 50 yard rolls but have a 10 yard roll of the same ribbon RL195524

We also have at 1.5" in the same style: RL195424 and a 4" x 10 yard roll in red with gold edge RL1956PT

The project required about five or six big bows for outside wreaths, lamppost and maybe a mailbox.  

Since the bows needed to be all the same size and shape, I used the help of a Bowdabra bow maker.

The results were fantastic! I was pleasantly surprised that the outdoor velvet ribbon was not that difficult to work with. The ribbon was a little bit stiffer than regular ribbon. But because it was wired, it was easier to shape.

Wired ribbon can be shaped and re-shaped as needed. I thought one of the best features about this ribbon was it's durability. The ribbon held up very well to inclement weather.

The wreath bows were placed outside weeks ago. and we had days and days of rainy cold weather. The outdoor velvet wreath bows held their ground!

Three weeks later, the bows looked as good as the day we put the wreaths up.

This post was written about three weeks after the bows were finished.

Watch this short video of the bow making. We used a Bowdabra to make the bows because it holds the ribbon in place which makes it a little easier to handle, Especially using bulky ribbon.

Also, the Bowdabra is helpful if your hands are getting old like mine.

Here's my affiliate Amazon link for the Bowdabra.


The 50 yard roll of outdoor velvet ribbon yielded six fourteen inch wreath bows. This ribbon worked for four wreath bows, a lamppost and a mailbox. There was still ribbon left on the roll, although I didn't count the yardage.

When Christmas was over, we placed the bows in the attic. We all know you shouldn't store Christmas decorations in the attic, and yet, we do it anyway. We'll post an update when we start decorating this year and see how the bows held up. Sure would be nice not to have to make six more bows again this year!

velvet ribbon, outdoor velvet ribbon, red christmas wreath, wreath bow, outdoor wreath bow RL595524 50 Yard Roll (sold out)
But we do have the 2.5" x 10 yard rolls available RL195524
1.5" x 10 yard: RL195424
4" x 10 yard (gold edge)  RL1956PT


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