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Tie a Free Handed Bow


Market trips are a lot of hard work! But even though vendors are there to sell you their products, many businesses will also offer workshops, demonstrations or just opportunities to see their products in use.

On a visit to the Burton & Burton showroom in Atlanta, we caught this bow expert making bows right out in front of the showroom. It looked so easy!

Watch this short video.


Speaking of bow making….did you know it’s always easier to make bows using wired ribbon. Wired ribbon makes it easier to shape loops after you’re all done. You can make beautiful bows without extra tools like a Pro Bow or Bowdabra, but we do use these too. However, there comes a time where you just need to make a bow on the spur of the moment, or you might not have all your tools from your craft room.Free handed is the way to go. I like the way he used a piece of ribbon at the end to give the bow extra tails. Also, I liked the way he said to just make a few loops using your premium ribbon, then fill in with your less expensive style. Save some money!