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Mother Nature Christmas Tree

Mother Nature Christmas Tree

magnolia, pinecone, pampas grass, faux leather The Mother Nature Christmas tree may be my favorite for the year! And you might know....Carrie was thinking the same thing! We both can't have same tree can we. Maybe this is one of those times I need to pull the old "I'm your Mother" excuse.)) Rachel, Carrie and Casey have outdone themselves with this tree. Course I'm not partial to their work or anything like that))

The Tree

The tree used for the Mother Nature theme was a 7.5' all green tree with no flocking. You can hardly see much of the tree anyway! A lot of greenery was added along with burnished gold hanging pieces that really brought out the gold in the ribbon. The tree was prelit, but Casey added some extra lights from RAZ. These lights are a great addition because they are electric light strands but also remote controlled. You will find two versions of these lights on the website. There is a 35.5' light garland and the SKU is G3737065. There is also a cluster light version SKU G3737059. Each type contains a remote. faux leather ribbon, nature tree, mother nature christmas tree

Plastic Ornaments

fill christmas ornament The honeycomb ball ornament is a great filler ornament. It's inexpensive, made of plastic and has an antique look about it. The ornament is a light gold, champagne color that blends with so many Christmas tree themes. It's perfect for this Mother Nature look. XH955946 One trick to having a beautiful Christmas tree and not break the bank, is to use filler ornaments like the honeycomb ball. Choose in colors that blend with your theme and try assorted sizes. Tuck larger balls deep into the tree and smaller ones out toward the edge. Choose ornaments in the same color pallet but different sizes and finishes. grapevine entwined in christmas tree Grey deer head ornament looks like distressed wood, but it a type of foam product. It is a large size at 8" It has a washed type finish. The SKU is 260689

Glass Ornaments

christmas balls Gold capped balls were used on the Mother Nature tree. These balls are available only in the Trendy Tree retail store in Pontotoc, MS. The balls look as if they have been brushed with gold paint.

Wood & Metal Ornaments

A Mother Nature tree wouldn't be complete without some wood ornaments. Love this distressed tin bell ornament by RAZ too. metal christmas bell, faux leather ribbon, chocolate stripe ribbon The RAZ distressed tin bell ornament is large at about 8.5". It is a creamy off white color and galvanized tin. It has a burlap rope for hanging and a clapper. The SKU is 3825923 The ribbed ornament beside the bell is also from RAZ and made of glass and wood and comes in different shapes. The ribbed ornament is available only in the retail store right now. trendy tree retail store, mother nature christmas tree Carrie didn't know about my visit to the store today to take some pics.....she blends right in with her leopard print

Feather Ornaments

The feather ball ornament is from the RAZ Copper Mountain collection and measures about 5." The beautiful blend of copper and brown makes it a good choice for the Mother Nature tree. feather christmas balls

Suggested Ornaments

For we website shoppers, we have selected a few more ornaments that fit perfectly with the Mother Nature theme of the Christmas tree in the retail store. glass bird christmas ornament These bird ornaments from RAZ are made of glass and delicately painted. The colors are perfect for blending on this tree. They are assorted and come in shades of brown and gold. They are sold as a set on the website and you get one of each style. The SKU is 3512515 goldl ball christmas ornament This burnished gold "rhinestone" ball from RAZ is large at 4.5" It's made of plastic and Styrofoam and is a good fit for a nature style tree. There aren't many left though! So don't hesitate, get your order in soon. The SKU is 3553390. noel christmas ornament, joy christmas ornament Glass balls with Noel and Joy are also from RAZ and the Copper Mountain collection. They are an exclusive ornament from RAZ which means you won't find them elsewhere. The balls are made of glass with shades of brown and gold. They are about 4" in size. The SKU is 3724573. The balls are sold on the website as a set of two. The set includes one of each style. They're a good fit for the Mother Nature theme.

Picks & Sprays

grapevine twig in christmas tree It's hard to describe the picks and sprays on this tree, because Rachel uses a combination of products. Sometimes when I'm writing a blog post and trying to figure out exactly what product Rachel used...sometimes I find came out of a pasture or someone's back yard! It's hard to tell the real from the faux! So, if you live in the area, don't be surprised if Rachel knocks on your door one day to ask if she can snip your dead hydrangeas......or cut a bit of your dead pampas grass, or leafy magnolia. After all, this is a Mother Nature theme so it's only natural to head to the woods to shop for goodies!

Amaranthus Stem

The swag with tiny berries is called Gold Beaded Amaranthus Hanging Stem. Here's the image from the website. Kind of daunting isn't it. Beautiful product, but what do you do with it? That's a question we get many times with regards to products and that's one reason for opening the retail store in Pontotoc. Customers can view products like the Amaranthus Hanging Stem on the website and have trouble imagining how to use it in their decor. Nonw, with the retail store we can show you! She used this beautiful product on the Mother Nature tree and the stem is the first thing you notice when you look at the tree. The stem adds interest, texture, and has it all. It's a great product to use from fall through winter. The SKU is 262406


eucalyptus, nature christmas tree The Eucalyptus spray is a silvery gold and would blend well with gold, silver or champagne color theme. It's a RAZ spray and measures about 35" in length. The SKU is F3802313. There is also some green Eucalyptus in there which available only at the store. We do have another Eucalyptus spray in stock from RAZ that also contains some cotton. It would be a good fit for the Mother Nature theme. The SKU is F3802476.

Grapevine & Twigs

mother nature christmas tree Rachel has a vivid imagination and between her, Casey and Carrie, they create what they need for a tree. Twiggy garland sounded like a good thing for this tree, but since they had none, they tore apart a grapevine and wove it in and around the tree. The green twig that you see is an actual product! However, it's not uncommon to see Rachel with a can of spray in her hands. The green curly twig was used just as it came, but if it's not the color you might want.....spray paint it! That's Rachel's motto. The curly twig is also available in brown. The brown curly twig SKU is 20057BN. The green curly twig SKU is 20057GN We also have a dark green curly bush that would work. The SKU is 13342DKGN. It's pictured below. Spray paint a bush like this before you tear it apart. That's just a hint from my experience because, we first start selling bushes, sprays, etc, we didn't know that it was common to tear bushes apart and use the pieces. As you can imagine, my first attempts at floral arranging were pretty dismal. Live and learn.


magnolia, pinecone Rachel used Magnolia picks mainly in the tree topper. Magnolia stems are great for year round use. Their dark green glossy leaves are such a contract to the golden brown velvety back of the leaves. There are several different Magnolia picks available on the website. And, they are inexpensive!
magnolia leaf, magnolia spray NF203554 Olive Brown Magnolia Leaf Pick
56407BNGN Green Brown Magnolia Leaf
NF203553 Fall Magnolia Leaf
The images listed above do not include all our Magnolia products. For instance, just search "Magnolia" on the website and you will see several more.


Ribbon can just make a tree! Ideally, when you think about ribbon for a tree, you think the wider the better. But Rachel used a 1.5" and a couple of 2.5" width ribbons on the Mother Nature tree. pinecone, horsehair ribbon, faux leather ribbon

Faux Leather

Two ribbons that Carrie and Rachel selected for the Mother Nature tree are shown in the image above. The first is a toffee metallic faux leather. Stock images do not do it justice. As you can see, if you look at the product image on the website, the stock photo doesn't show the rich color and texture of the ribbon. The toffee faux leather is 2.5" in width and 10 yards on the roll. Supplies are limited on this ribbon. The SKU is X720940-35 faux leather ribbon The second faux leather ribbon is 1.5" in width and 5 yards on the roll. It's brown with a stitched edge and wired of course. The faux brown leather ribbon is shaded differently on each side. The SKU is ds10-3369

Faux Horsehair

The 1.5" ribbon is a faux sable horsehair ribbon from d.Stevens. There is 10 yards on the roll of this premium ribbon also. The SKU is ds18-2384 When we first saw the horsehair ribbon at market, we were thinking....great for a western theme. Although, it fits perfectly with this Mother Nature theme. Supplies are limited on the faux horsehair ribbon.

Striped Ribbon

The striped ribbon used on the Mother Nature tree was a 2.5" rich chocolate brown and white linen horizontal stripe. This reason has great body and is wire making it easy to manipulate into swirls and curls. The SKU is X844540-38. We also have this same ribbon in a 1.5" size. That SKU is X844509-38. Both ribbons have 10 yards on the rolls. chocolate stripe ribbon


mother nature christmas tree topper The tree topper was created by placing pick in the top of the tree along with some dried Pampas grass. Other components of the topper included Magnolia pick, Eucalyptus and pinecone. Because the topper was created by inserting individual picks, you could remove the artificial elements and use again next year. Just toss the dried grasses. Rachael fashioned a simple loop bow with long tails. As you can see, pieces of the different ribbons were attached in and around the tree and allowed to loosely drape down the tree. There is one more thing you might want to add to this tree. A bird nest!

Bird Next

The old saying is finding a bird nest in a Christmas tree will bring good luck in the coming year. Now, I'm sure this probably started out as finding a bird nest in a real tree....but we can improvise! The SKU for the bird nest is 30071935 and it's designated as a spring item. But, it's brown twig and green so it would work. This nest even has some little faux eggs in it.

More Trees

Nature not your thing? Here's a list of some other trees for inspiration and ideas. Classic Red Green Christmas Tree Inspiration Upscale Farmhouse Decor Candyland Christmas Tree Faith Based Christmas Tree

Thank You!

Thank you for visiting our blog and watching our videos. We appreciate it so much. If you have any questions about the Mother Nature tree, just leave us a comment and I promise we will answer. Let us know what kind of Christmas tree theme you are interested in. We have many, many on the blog and if you need can't find them, we can help. Thanks again, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. **Disclosure: (Jeannie Pence) The Trendy Tree blog and social media post may generate some income (Jeannie Pence) through affiliate links, sponsored post or general advertising. Trendy Tree only works with companies we trust and personally use. An affiliate link to a company or product may result in a small commission based on a click through or referral fee that is paid by the seller. The amount is not added to your expense. It is a form of advertising.
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