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Classic Red Green Christmas Tree Inspiration


Do you love red and green for Christmas? We do! This classic red and green Christmas tree will give you some fresh ideas for the upcoming season. It will be here soon!

Christmas Tree

This is a large tree at about 12′ in ht. The bottom of this tree is about 7′ in width. It’s not your typical living area Christmas tree, but if you have one this size, you know it takes a tall ladder to decorate. Be safe!

Large wooden signs make quite a statement on this red and green Christmas tree. Below we will list some of the items used on the tree.

Rachel and Carrie decorated the tree for the Trendy Tree retail store. So, if you’re in the area, stop by and visit. We’re located on Marion St, right off the square in Pontotoc, MS.


XH950824 4″ Red Hairy Balls (one of my personal favorites)

XH950924 4.75″ Red Hairy Balls

84156RDWT 4.5″ Red White Striped Chenille Ball

282289 4″ Yuletide Red White Green Puff Ball

3916515 RAZ 5″ Red Plaid Ball

3922686 RAZ 4″ Red Berry Ball

3752862 RAZ 4″ Plaid Deer Ornament Set of 2

XY652535 4″ Lime Green Cut Foil Ball

XY652435 3″ Lime Green Cut Foil Ball

84156RDWT 4.5″ Dark Red White Striped Plush Ball

red green christms tree, raz deer ornament, red berry pick, red berry ball

Tips on Hanging Ornaments

Different textures and sizes of ornaments were placed on the red green tree. Place the larger ornaments toward the median of the tree and smaller ones further out. Ornaments should be hanging freely and not resting on branches.

Sprays and Picks

280882 22″ Red Black Linen Poinsettia

XS084327 25″ White Glittered Holly Leaf

84170SP24 24″ Green Felt Holly Leaf Red Berry

260239 21″ Flat Cedar Spray

F3932011 RAZ 24″ Red Pepper Berry Spray

F3506888 RAZ 26″ Red Green Velvet Poinsettia

F3902770 RAZ 18″ Cedar Red Berry Pick

F3802419 RAZ 28″ Mixed Pine Jingle Bell Spray

84141SP16 16″ Red White Glitter Ball Pick

3806788 RAZ 14″ Frosted Candy Cane


Tips on Sprays and Pick

Picks and sprays were added to the red and green Christmas tree after they  had been “fluffed” out. Rarely is there ever a case that a spray can be removed from a box and placed on a tree without spreading the leaves, bending here and there. Giving it a more natural shape for instance.

Usually the sprays can just be slid along the limbs of the tree. You can always bend a tree twig around them if needed, but remember, you have to take this tree down too!


MTX56789 14″ Vintage Metal Signs Assorted

MD050824 16.5″ Red Bicycle Wheel

Y5788 Reindeer Feed or Christmas Tree Farm Sign

1931132 Old Fashioned Red Truck

1930132 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

classic christmas colors, merry christmas, christmas tree, red truck

Tips on Placing Signs

Remember that ours was a very large tree and could handle big signs fairly easily. Always secure signs well and never just nestle in the tree. If you purchase a sign that is too large once you start to decorate, you can always for instance incorporate it into other decorations in the room. You can use easels to place signs on hearths, mantels or tabletops. You can use them for door hangers by just adding a pretty bow.


G3521966 RAZ Red Flocked Garland

G3706914 RAZ Pine Garland with Red Balls

Tips of Placing Garland

It’s always difficult to know how much garland you need for a tree. It all depends on the size of the tree. But a good place to start is 9′ of garland for every foot of Christmas tree. That particular calculation would have been way off for this red green Christmas tree since it’s wide. Always buy more than you think you will need. You can always use it in other places throughout the house.

Ribbon is a good alternative to garland and much less expensive.


RG01067 2.5″ Christmas Metallic Plaid

RGA12022Y 2.5″ Red Lime Emerald Glitter Plaid

Browse more Christmas ribbon here.


We have more trees to show you and some of them will go into detail more about how to add ribbon to your tree. The red green Christmas tree wasn’t quite finished when the video was made but you can get the gist of the style of decorating that was used. Combine classic green colors of lime and emerald and shades of red. The classic red green Christmas tree lends itself well to old fashioned Christmas decorations that are sure to please.

Watch the short video for more ideas and inspirations.

If you would like to see more post on decorating Christmas trees, please leave a comment! Or, if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

To see more Christmas tree ideas and inspiration, view this blog post: 2019 RAZ Christmas Trees


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4 Responses to “Classic Red Green Christmas Tree Inspiration”

  1. JoAnn Lankenau says:

    I was looking for the lemon wreath kit. Have you sold out already?
    Thank you

  2. Marte says:

    Good morning!
    I just discovered your website, and I’m beyond excited!!! I wish you had a store in Houston or were going to be at The Nutcracker Market! Do you have any videos on how to make your pretty tree tops? Are you using sprays, and if you are, how do you fasten them?

    • TrendyTree says:

      So glad you found us! We just opened our store in Pontotoc, MS and we will be doing Celebration Village in Tupelo, MS in October. We have many more videos and tutorials to get out which will include some tree toppers. On the sprays, the longer sprays are usually just slid in along branches, they don’t usually require any securing. But a shorter one perhaps is just secured by twisting the tree branches over it. On a live tree…it’s a little more difficult but you can use a bit of green floral wire if needed since it won’t show.

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