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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Galvanized Containers Great for Year Round Decorating

Galvanized Containers Great for Year Round Decorating

galvanized container
Galvanized containers are perfect for farmhouse style decorating. I think I saw Joanna Gaines use something similar in one of her Fixer Upper episodes!
We have a perfect shiplap wall in our kitchen area to hang galvanized containers on. So, I have a set held back for myself. Shhhhh, don't tell Carrie.....she and David own Trendy Tree but I still visit the warehouse and pick up a thing or two......or

Galvanized Containers

Galvanized containers and signs will have a rustic look, some are trimmed with a bit of wood and may contain actual rust. They blend well with so many types of decor. They are made to look like you just went out to the barn and picked them up.

galvanized metal container


One reason I think they will be a perfect wall hanging is their versatility. You could fashion a piece of Styrofoam in the bottom with some hot glue, and insert some seasonal silk flowers or greenery.
73182 Pink Dogwood Bush
It would be so easy to bring a little spring into your home (my place for hanging them will be on the wall opposite my dining table). We have an open style kitchen/living area and these will be perfect. Once I get the galvanized containers on my wall and some florals in them, I'll post some pics.
21347 Lavender Hydrangea
But anyway, you could start out with some early spring flowers like daffodils or tulips and as the weather warms up, you could change them to some roses, peonies or hydrangeas. These would all be silk florals of course. I would try putting anything fresh with water in the containers unless you were using a galvanized container on a table top with a glass or very good plastic insert.
73602 Gold Sunflower
Sunflwoers would be perfect for fall, starting in September all the way thru November if iy9u wanted. Plus, you could add in a couple of those tiny little bright orange pumpkins or white ones for an extra touch. For Christmas, you could change them out with some red poinsettias, or snowy branches. Holly springs or mistletoe would be pretty. Or you could take out the florals and insert vintage Christmas toys, Christmas cards or anything nostalgic.
F3702503 Red Berry
So, now that I have plenty of ideas of what to put in the containers.....I just have to decide where to hang my galvanized containers!

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Here are more links to galvanized containers that are great for decorating. We also have buckets, stars, pitchers and even cactus wall pickets made of tin. A1287 Galvanized Pickup Truck Container 1901273 Assorted Wall Hanging with Cotton Bolls 9735463 Hey Y'all Wall Hanging 2385040 14" Round Wall Hanger A1355 Round Metal Wall Planter Set of 2 M1909 Galvanized Wall Pockets Set of 4 *I (Jeannie Pence) engage in affiliate marketing whereby I may receive funds through clicks to affiliate programs through this website or receive funds through the sale of goods or services on or through this website. I may also accept advertising and sponsorships from commercial businesses or receive other forms of advertising compensation. This disclosure is intended to comply with the US Federal Trade Commission Rules on marketing and advertising,as well as any other legal requirements which may apply.
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