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Everyday Lantern Bow Tutorial

Everyday Lantern Bow Tutorial

everyday lantern bow tutorial

Time to get rid of those Valentine decorations and put them away. Re-decorating my lantern after Valentine's Day was an easy project.

I found this cute home tassel type sign at Hobby Lobby and thought I would try it on my lantern. This called for a change of bow too. 

I'm not quite ready to decorate for spring just yet, so I thought an everyday style bow would do for my latentern for a few more weeks.

You can watch the video here!


Now a lantern bow is a perfect way to use up your ribbon scraps which is what I did except for adding one new ribbon. I needed some ribbon with black though to pick up the black lettering in the home sign. What I chose was a black and silver ribbon but it passes for ivory with a little metallic, so it worked just fine. 

RGC138708 1.5" Black Silver Ivory Stripe

The other ribbons I used, were scraps and are now sold out, but here's some others that are good for everyday projects.

45216-40-15 2.5" Natural Black White Gingham Edge

41020-40-15 2.5" Natural Iridescent Butterflies

RG01918J1 2.5" Tan Fuzzy Royal Ribbon

RX9146TT 2.5" Beige Ivory Dot Ribbon

RGC162901 2.5" Beige Black Dot Ribbon

RGA103101 2.5" Beige Southern Charm Ribbon

RGC1852C2 1.5" Cream Leopard Print Ribbon

41125-09-21 1.5" Black Ivory Horizontal Stripe Ribbon

EZ Bowmaker

If you are shopping for ribbon, please don't be limited by the selections I've shown here. We have literally thousands of ribbon styles to choose from. You can see them all here: Ribbon

And just as a reminder, when you are searching for something like ribbon, it's best to use less specific search terms.

Yes, it will show you some products you are not looking for, but your chances of seeing everything that fits the description of a product is better.

For instance if you are looking for red and white gingham ribbon. Just search " red white." Or just "gingham" Or search "check" or "checked."

And if you're looking for a new lantern, check out these I've picked out for my Amazon Store. There is one there just like mine)) 

Jeannie's Amazon Store Home Decor

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